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My wife Jenn is standing facing a black stranger in the living room. He’s a foot taller, lean and I know from the pictures he has a thick 10” cock hanging down one of his pant legs.

Jenn is wearing a short black skirt, black stockings, silver “fuck me” heels and a transparent blouse.

He leans toward her and they kiss. I can see his tongue in my wife’s mouth as his hands travel up under the back of her skirt over her nice round ass. She’s not wearing underwear and his fingers explore her round full ass, pause over her pink asshole and then his hands travel around her upper thighs to the front and he lifts her skirt.

From her waist down she’s naked to the top of her stockings now and she parts her legs wider for his exploring fingers.

My heart races and I shake with jealousy. Is this what I want? M stomach sinks and feels sick, I’m considering asking them to stop but my ass is riveted to the chair and my eyes glued to them as my own cock rises.

“You like big cocks?” He asks still rubbing his fingers between her legs and exploring. Her hands are on the front of his pants, grasping a thick roll through the material and she Breathlessly answers, “yeahhh”.

Without further discussion my wife drops to her knees as she’s working the zipper on his fly down. She struggles to coax his long black meat through the opening of his fly and as soon as that thick black meat, already semi hard falls out, her mouth is there waiting to accept him. She has trouble fitting that thick cock head in her mouth and as she licks and sucks at the tip the shaft lengthens and gets rigid.

I took my wife’s virginity in the back seat of my father’s car in High School. It was probably 3 minutes of fumbling until I managed to insert the head of my cock inside her long enough to stroke myself in-between her moist, hot labia and pulled out to shoot my load on her thigh. We began having sex with condoms after that and after school we decided to get married. In church we stood up and exchanged vows. I put a ring on her small finger and paraded her down the isle dressed in white. I remember wondering how many other wives who had sex were virgins. I was very naive.

Her hands gripping his long black shaft and her mouth engulfing his cock head, stroking and sucking, Jenns eyes are closed. She’s squatting and her face is turned up toward his sex, she’s moaning and fingering herself as she sucks his big black cock.

Jealousy again rises in my chest! Fear that I’ll loose her! Insteady of crying “STOP” I open my own fly to pull out my small Caucasian penis from my shorts. I’m hard and I stroke to the spectical of my wife sucking this black strangers cock in a motel room. We discussed rubbers and emotions before arranging to meet Mark. She was worried I’d think less of her seeing her and I worried she wouldn’t go through with it. Now I’m worried she will.

He’s pulling her up by her forearms and turns her toward the bed. Near the edge of the bed he guides her onto her belly on the mattress with her legs still off the edge. He unfastens his belt and drops his undershorts and pants quickly to the floor. Steps out of them and up behind my wife with his long hard cock in his hand.

In my mind I’d pictured her crying out, “Nooooo, I changed my mind!” as she rushed out the door. Instead she’s laying on her stomach with her hands out to the sides of her head. Her eyes are closed as he guides that monster toward her soft married sex. He puts a glob of spit on the tip of the head by the hole, grasps her ass cheeks and spreads her open and begins to rub his cock up and down over the opening to my wife’s married vagina.

In my mind I think, "No one except me, the doctor and her parents have ever seen my wife's sex." Until now.