After Hubby Leaves For Work.....


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We have a fun game we do for cheating. Kind of roleplay but not really. I make plans to have sex with his friend when he leaves for work or however I trick him into getting out of the house, then we send him pictures to his phone wherever he's at to show him he got cucked again. He LOVES it. The sneakier I am and the better I pull the wool over his eyes, the more turned on her gets and the better the sex is when he gets home. He get 3 or 4 pics on his phone of me blowing his friend, and he goes crazy trying to figure out when it happened. It's hilarious. Dave tells me when I do it he says I'm polishing his cuckold horns. The horns are there forever, so I just polish them from time to time as a fun reminder.

I got him good yesterday and my husband is still blowing up my phone over it!