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    Most companies in Africa have a villa reserved for entertaining, and usually that is well away from the company's HQ. They also usually have a villa inside the grounds of their company compounds to enable visitors to overnight without having to stay at hotels.
    Although my company was white ownd and white managed they maintained a villa in the eastern highlands were African government officials, or business contacts could be entertained with willing white females, falling back on white croupiers from the local casino if necessary.
    One of the friends of my wife's lover had a 'bonus' scheme whereby the the 'lorry driver of the month' was given the use of the company villa for the weekend and provided with a white female for that weekend. This was a 'popular'policy that ensured staff retention! (Though wages in Zimbabwe were controlled by the state and all firms paid exactly the same wages for each category of labour). The use of this policy motivated his drivers not just to stay with the company but to put in their hours with a 'real' reward for their endeavours.
    Africans I found were not daft,and could be team players, for the right incentive. This meant that bands of drivers would team up to ensure one of their number 'won.'
    I know of this as my own wife was taken 'unawares' to this villa for this purpose. She was 'put out' at being handed over to 'in her eyes' a lowly lorry driver, but got a bigger shock when, after he had taken his pleasure himself, he opened the door to his team mates...
    She spent friday night through to Sunday night in that villa with in her words '5 big burly black African lorry drivers who thought Xmas had come early' as they ploughed her repeatedly over the weekend.
    and that businessman succesfully found a white female at least once every month for this 'task.'
    He had a cute 18yo busty white receptionist, (who had been disowned by a her Rhodie parents), who cheerfully admitted that her her first interview was in his office and her second interview was in his bed, who also had been the 'bonus' in the past.
    Occasionally my own company had African businessman entertained overseas African businessmen who had come to negotiate a deal in our compound villa. and one of the white Directors had responsibility for providing 'white' entertainment for such guests.
    I learned much later that evenmy daughter's boarding school used the villa's provided for visiting parents to overnight in to allow discreet liasons between senior government officials and girls at the school.
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    I'm putting in for a transfer to our Harare office !
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    Expatdad your stories don't tell the whole story a pity. as I am sure we would all love to read the all the actual stories. As well as the ongoing African Seduction's