African Adventure


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African Adventure

(Karl & Susan)

by Dokodoko

You were asking whether Francis told us stories he may have heard of others who had affairs with white women. I remember one of them and a true one, I can assure you. It involves a German couple Karl and his wife Susan living in our neighborhood. We knew the people although not very close at first but after hearing from Francis that they too were involved with blacks we were intrigued and made a point to getting to know them better. As we became friendly and dropping hints of each other's situation they told us of their story themselves.

Karl was employed by a local firm of manufacturing engineers founded by an Englishman in the 40’s. After his death the firm was managed by his son-in- law Harry though it was owned by his mother-in-law. Not being an engineer himself Harry had recruited Karl out of Germany. Working together the families soon became good friends visiting back and forth. Harry’s house had a pool and being more affluent, Karl & Susan often visited for pool parties and barbecues.

Oh, I guess for better illustration I should mention that both Harry and his wife June and Karl and Susan were in their 30’s, with Susan a very attractive and sensuous brunette with a good body (I believe you’d call her a “healthy” girl).

Maybe Karl was naive but he claims not to have noticed that Harry flirted with Susan and he certainly was unaware that Harry finally managed to get her into bed. For the next few weeks their affair continued undetected. Though Karl and Harry worked together in the same office Harry began to slip away during the day feigning to have a migraine, ending up in Karl’s house in bed with Susan. Well, I’m sure that you can guess that whilst Karl may have been unaware what went on, their houseboy Joseph was most certainly not, hearing and sometimes seeing their love making and it did not take to long until he confronted Susan to get his share of the action.

He threatened not only to tell Karl but also Harry’s wife June and his mother- in-law.

Well, that made both of them wake up and listen pretty quick! Harry stopped seeing Susan and Joe took his place between her legs during the daytime as soon as Karl had left for work. Karl suspected nothing for a while. If anything, Susan seemed to be more passionate and willing at night to have sex with her husband and was herself in a constant state of arousal.

Then by coincidence Karl discovered her affair with Joseph. He had left for work but had returned a few hours later to pick up some papers. Instead of going into the front door, he walked around the bungalow and as he passed the master bedroom window heard some moaning from within. As in most houses in Kenya the window openings were protected by steel bars and the windows usually were left open. With the curtains closed he could not see into the room but as he realized that it was his wife moaning interspersed by a male voice he pushed a corner of the curtains aside. The sight inside the room made his heart pound: there was his wife Susan, her rump at the edge of the bed, her legs held up and spread wide apart by a naked African, half standing half leaning over her. The man had his back towards the window and Karl had a clear view of his massive black cock sliding in and out of his wife’s stretched vagina.

Then as the man half turned his head sideways the shock of recognition hit him. It was Joseph, their houseservant! And Susan obviously participated willingly, yes, enjoyed his ministrations. Joe’s cock was glistening wetly with her juices as he worked her with long strokes. Her cuntlips seemed to cling lovingly to that big black stalk as Joe would pull back, the ridge of his cockhead appearing between her lips. With just the tip of that purple knob clasped between her lips he’d hold himself still for the moment flexing his cock until Susan would plead for him to “put it back into her”. Then, with a triumphant laugh he’d piston back into her to the root of his cock, his belly slapping against the underside of her white thighs and his big balls slapping her asshole. His pubic bone smashed into her clit making the woman groan with pleasure.

Their bodies wet with sweat they fucked with abandon, oblivious to Karl watching them from a few feet away. His first impulse had been to barge in or shout at them to make them stop or do something. But he was rooted to the spot, watching their copulating with growing excitement. Susan looked beautiful in her lust and somehow he felt proud that other men desired his wife.

His own cock hard and almost hurting in the confines of his slacks he heard Joe asking her:

“Well, memsahb, do you want me to stop?”

“No, please, don’t” Susan moaned

“Then beg me”

“Ohhh, please fuck me…please, never stop” Karl heard her wisper “I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, wishing it was morning and you’d be here with me. Your cock is so wonderful, I’ll never want to be without him ever again”.

“Then tell me, would you rather be stretched around my cock or be filled by your husband?”

“Ohhh, you, only you” she whimpered, “You fill me so completely and I love the feeling of your hot seed when you come in me”.

“You might get pregnant” he said “your belly swelling with my black bastard”.

“I know, I don’t care, just don’t stop” she said, wrapping her legs around his waist, her heels against his his large buttocks, trying to push him deeper into her.

Karl couldn’t stand it any longer. He dropped the curtain back and quietly crept back around the house, into his car and down the driveway, leaving the two to themselves. Aimlessly he drove around until it was his usual time to get home.

Susan greeted him, dressed in a pretty yellow cotton dress, with a low cut bodice and a short wide skirt. Though looking for telltale signs she seemed calm and relaxed whilst suddenly he felt somehow ill at ease, not knowing how to handle the situation. There was no sign of Joseph.

“You look great” Karl said “let’s go out tonight. Maybe dinner and dancing?”

“Yes, that might be nice”

They had a good time that evening. After dinner they went to the Starlight, a local nightclub. The place was packed but they managed to find an empty corner table. Karl ordered whiskey for himself and a bottle of white wine for Susan. Being one of the few white women men were gawking even though she was obviously escorted. Soon some began to amble by asking her to dance. She refused the first few requests until Karl told her “Go on, you like to dance and I rather sit and watch, why don’t you accept”.

So the next time a man asked her she accepted and had soon vanished with her partner onto the crowded dance floor. Now and then Karl caught a glimpse of her, the man holding her tight, his hands holding her ass, rubbing himself against her. When the music stopped the man reluctantly brought her back to their table.

“My name is Peter Njoroge” he introduced himself to Karl “would you mind if my friend and I would sit with you? We can’t seem to find any empty seats”. Karl, not wanting to be impolite agreed and after waving his friend over the two men joined them. Both were well dressed and seemed educated. Njoroge was heavy set and boisterous whilst his his friend whom he introduced as James Karanja was skinny and quiet.

Susan ended up wedged on the bench between Karl and Njoroge who soon became friendly moving closer to start a conversation with Karl. To make himself understood over the din he’d lean across her, his hand for support holding her knee, his shoulder brushing the tips of her full breasts. Not wanting to cause a scene she did not object which seemed to encourage the man to slide his hand higher absentmindedly fondling her thigh through her dress.

Being thirsty Susan by now had finished her wine and felt tipsy. Njoroge insisted to order another bottle. Then, Karl excused himself to go the men’s room. When he came back to the table James Karanja had switched places and was now sitting on the bench spot on the other side of Susan in Karl’s place. Both men were talking with each other across Susan and noone seemed to take much notice of Karl who had to sit down on the only chair by the table. Karl noticed that Njoroge’s hand was massaging Susan’s thigh whilst Karanja had his arm across the back rest of the bench, his hand dangling over her left shoulder, every so often brushing across her left breast.

Glancing over at Karl he became bolder and his hand dipped into the low cut top of her dress, his fingers stroking across the bare top slope of her breast. Susan reached up and holding his wrist tried to stop the advance of his hand deeper into her bra.

“No, stop that” she objected.

At the same time Njoroge had given up all pretence and had wedged his hand between her thighs sliding ever higher towards the junction of her legs. Hot, helpless and slightly drunk she was unable to resist their advances any longer. Why did her husband not intervene, she wondered.

Karanja meanwhile had managed to slide his hand into her bra tweaking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as she tried desperately to keep her legs pressed together to fend of Njoroge’s hand from reaching her center. Frustrated he suddenly pinched the soft insides of her thighs. With a small squeal her legs flew open and instantly his hand was clasping her cunt through her panties. Then he wriggled his thick middle finger past the leg opening of her panties pushing his finger between the lips of her cunt.

Manhandled from both sides Susan glanced pleadingly at her husband.

“She is wet” Njoroge stated matter-of-fact.

“And her nipple is hard” added Karanja.

“Yes, she does like black cock” Karl said “especially big ones, right, honey?”

Susan looked incredulously at Franz and seeing his expression cast her eyes down unable to offer further resistance.

In the semi-darkness of the club the men continued to assault her and in spite of her revulsion her body started to tingle from their manipulations of her sensitive nerve endings.

Njoroge, with his free hand reached over and taking her hand pressed it into his lap.

“So you like large black cocks? See if you can wrap your dainty fingers around this one.”

She felt the massive length of his rod pulsing through his trousers. When she tried to pull her hand away, he pinched her again, this time the flesh of her vagina.

“Take it out” he growled at her.

Obediently she undid the buttons of his fly and reached inside, past the opening in his underpants. His cock was hard, lying like a log against his stomach, the tip pointing upward and she struggled to bend the shaft sufficiently to get it into the open.

“Please” she pleaded “not here in public”.

“Well, where would you like to go, sweety?” Karanja whispered close to her ear.

“Maybe we should continue the party at your house and get better acquainted” Njoroge suggested looking at Karl.

“Yes, alright, we’ll all be more comfortable.” Karl agreed almost anxious, his own cock now stiff as he was watching the assault of his beautiful wife. His heart was pounding again of the thought of watching her again servicing the black cocks of strangers.

“Do you have a car? We came by taxi” Njoroge said.

“Yes, we can take ours”.

Turning to Susan Njoroge said “Well, sweetheart you will have to wait a little longer before you can wrap your sweet lips around this big cock, but it’ll be worth the wait.”

Standing up he proceeded to button his fly in full view and then took Susan’s arm and with Karanja and Karl trailing led the way out of the club. As Karl went to retrieve their car from the parking lot the two blacks stood waiting at the entrance of the club, Susan in the middle. Njoroge had his arms around her waist, his hand underneath her arm holding her breast and pressing her to his side.

Mischievously Karanja on her other side had slid his hand beneath the back of her dress fondling her asscheeks as Karl pulled up with the car. As Njoroge opened the rear door, Karanja weaseled around and slid in through the other door having her trapped again between them.

“Do you live far?” Njoroge wanted to know.

“No, a few minutes, in Westlands” Karl responded watching Karanja in the rear view mirror hold the head of his wife his thick lips covering her mouth, his tongue pushing against her clenched teeth. Forcing her mouth open, Karanja simply held her jaw and pressing hard into her cheeks soon had his tongue between her lips, searching for her tongue.

“Just look at her! She loves kissing” Njoroge laughed as Karl barely managed to keep his eyes on the road.

Then the car drove into their driveway. When they were all inside Karl asked if they wanted drinks.

“Yeah, sure, anything with alcohol. Let’s have a party”

“Alright, why don’t you all sit down and I get it”

“No, no..we are in Africa. Here women serve. Let Susan do that. And maybe she can slip into something more revealing. Maybe just remove that dress!”

“I always wanted to see a white woman just in white panties, garter and nylons with high heeled shoes” Karanja suggested.

“Come on dear” Karl said to her, “Go, get the drinks and do as you are told”.

Seeing that no support was forthcoming from her husband Susan left the room but was back quickly, a tray of drinks in her hands wearing a lacy bra that emphasized the swell of her full breasts, the pink of their nipples visible through the lace. As told, she had put on a white garter belt and nylons. The straps of the garter framing her hips made her appear more naked.

Her nylon panties did little to hide her beautiful rump, the crevice between her lovely ass cheeks dark and inviting.

In awe the men watched her balance the tray, her ass cheeks seeming to fight each other as they bounced through the exaggerated movements of her walk in the high heeled pumps.

She gave each man a drink and sat the tray down.

“I said nothing of a bra” Karanja said “just panties, garter, nylons and high heels. Don’t you know that in Africa women entertain their guests with bare breasts?”

Susan blushed. Was she no longer safe even in her own home? How far would these men want her to go?

Karl said “Now Susan, don’t be impolite” and seeing that no help was forthcoming she stepped back and reaching behind her undid the clasps of her bra. Even without being fastened the bra clung to her thrusting breasts and only when she leaned forward did it fall away and her breasts spilled out.

“YES” exclaimed Karanja as her nipples stiffened in the cool air, goosebumps covering her breasts.

By now both men were slightly drunk. As Karl was putting on some African music Njoroge had started to remove his jacket and then his shirt exposing his large belly. Then he stood up and moving across to Susan pulled her against him. “Let’s dance, sweetheart” and without awaiting an answer started to move around the room with her, one hand cupping one of her asscheeks just at the juncture with her thighs, the other hand sliding up and taking hold of one of her naked breasts

“Hey” Karanja complained, “How come you get her first?”

“I’m just dancing” Njoroge laughed, “just wait your turn”.

“Let’s draw lots for who gets her first” Karanja offered

“No, I have a better idea” said Njoroge. Why don’t we lock the door to the living room and then we both blindfold one another and whoever catches her first gets her first. And she has to keep wearing the high heels, else she’ll get a good thrashing later” he added.

When Karanja agreed Karl got two scarves blindfolding both men. Karl sat back in his chair and watched as the men fanned out across the room trying to herd the frightened woman into a corner. Her breasts bouncing she tried to dodge them but at one point as Karanja was reaching for her she tripped on her high heels and fell on the floor at the feet of Njoroge. Stunned she lay there as Njoroge reached down and managed to grab an ankle.

“I got her” he shouted, removing his blindfold.

Panicking Susan tried to pull her ankle from his grip and scramble away. Of course, she was no match for her captor and laughing Njoroge simply pulled up the leg belonging to the ankle stopping her frantic movements. With his other hand he pulled her panties off over her bottom and throwing them aside watched the frightened female as her resistance was getting weaker. In the manner he held her leg, her both holes were exposed her pussy slightly open and the puckered ring of her asshole clenching like the mouth of a fish on land.

Karanja too had removed his blindfold and had started to strip. Where Njoroge was fat, he was skinny to a point of seeming malnourished but when he finally shed his underpants the size of his cock was awesome. Hanging down halfhard, the tip dangled almost to his knees. The shaft looked like a black log with thick veins along its length. The knob was hooded and reminded of a cobra about to strike.

He had pulled his belt out of his pants and with his cock swaying from side to side he walked over to the pair. Her leg still held high by Njoroge he raised the belt and viciously swung it against Susan’s buttocks.

“I’ll teach you to get away from me” he fumed and swung again.

Susan screamed in agony and in an effort to endure the pain had raised herself onto her knees, rubbing one thigh against the other with her twat opening and closing.

Then as Njoroge pulled at her ankle she’d loose her balance again and would fall forward to receive the next blow across her ass.


“Well, now she’s getting smart” laughed Karanja, dropping the belt “Let’s play another game. This time we’ll blindfold her and make her kneel on the coffee table, her ass up at the edge. Then we both stand behind her and take turns reaming her juicy cunt with our cocks. If she can guess who’s inside of her, she wins. If not she gets the belt again”.

“Ohh, please, no, I have never seen or felt your cocks. How can I tell?” Susan wimpered.

“Alright, to be fair Njoroge can take his out and we’ll let you have a look at both of us”.

After Njoroge had let go of her ankle she was able to turn around and sit up. Then as he started to remove his pants she had her first look at Karanja.

“Oh, my god” she thought” this is obscene, how can any man be that big and how can a woman accomodate this monster into her belly! She had thought that Joseph was large and she had come to enjoy his cock but he was small compared to what Karanja proudly displayed in front of her eyes. Then, Njoroge moved up beside him, his cock about the same length but smaller in circumference.

“Well, you wanted to see and feel our cocks, didn’t you?” Njoroge said to her

“Here is your chance. Hold each of us in one hand and remember the feel. It might save you from more lashes with Karanja’s belt.”

Susan raised her hands and almost lovingly held one cock in each hand. Though her fingers would not close around either man’s shaft she slid her fingers up and down their lengths and across the soft velvety skin of their mushroomed knobs trying to remember their feel.

“Go on, kiss the head of my prick” Karanja ordered.

She leaned forward and gave his cockhead a peck, her lips puckered. Karanja grabbed her hair: “Do you call that a kiss? Kiss him properly”

As she complied, with open mouth french kissing the monster twitching in front of her face, her tongue flicking across the tender skin and into the little slit she felt him hardening further. Then she let go of him and turned her attention to the cock in her other hand.

“Hey, Karl, come and bring one of the blindfolds and put a cushion on the coffee table. We want her to be comfortable and concentrate at the game”

When the scarf was securely over her eyes Karl led her to the little table and helped her climb onto it. He had never seen such an erotic sight. Her breasts were dangling freely like ripe fruit beneath her kneeling body. Her knees were tucked under her making her hips appear wider and her ass round and vulnerable, the long slit of her cunt visible, the outer lips framed by a full tuft of hair. Gaping open a quarter inch or so her cunt glistened with her lubricant in spite of her fright.

“Stand by her side and make sure that she does not fall off” Karanja suggested. “And be sure to ask her to guess who’s cock is inside of her.

Then he motioned silently to Njoroge to come and take his place behind her. Cock in hand, Njoroge guided the knob by sight to her center. Then as the head spread her lips to gain entry and he felt securely lodged in her sweet warm embrasure he pushed forward and in one swoop entered her to the root of his cock. Holding himself still for a moment, savoring the sensation of her clinging body he grunted. Then he pulled back out until only the head was left buried.

Karanja elbowed Karl who had watched the penetration of his wife. As if waking from a dream Karl asked: “Well, dear, who’s cock was that?”

Susan hesitated a moment: “I think it was Njoroge”

Himself relieved that she had guessed right and not get the belt again Karl said: “Yes, good girl!”

Tiring of the game, Karanja stepped back behind her and pushing Njoroge away from her took hold of Susan’s hips. Sensing it was him she pleaded for him to be gentle.

As Karanja proceeded to lubricate the head of his cock by rubbing it up and down between her cuntlips Njoroge moved to the other end of the table.

“It’s ok, you can go and sit back down” he told Karl “I’ll make sure Karanja wont push her off”.

Then he lifted her head, her eyes still blindfolded and pushed his cock against her lips.

“Open up, girl…you might as well keep busy”

Obediently Susan opened her mouth and allowed the knob of Njoroge’s cock slide between her lips. At her rear Karanja had managed to push half of his monstrous cock into her cunt. She was now speared from both ends. Suddenly Karanja lunged forward embedding the remainder of his cock into her hot hole causing Njoroge fat member to slide deeper into her mouth. Desperately gasping for air she gagged and coughed around the thick shaft until she was able to accept the intrusion with some comfort into her throat.

Njoroge reached for her breasts swaying deliciously beneath her body and hefting them in his hands, massaged the two soft globes, the flesh oozing between his fingers.

Having found a rhythm the two of them bounced the poor woman back and forth like a pin ball pumping into her from both ends. Susan moaned and with her cunt swelling around Karanja’s cock and enveloping him like a second skin started to cum. As Karanja doubled his efforts Njoroge was next. He felt his seed boiling up from deep within his heavy balls and shuddering squirted jet upon jet into Susan’s throat some of it overflowing and running out of the sides of her mouth.

Then Karanja couldn’t hold back any longer and he began seeding her deep inside her belly as she too had a second orgasm followed by a third almost immediately. Njoroge’s softening cock now slipping from her mouth she cried out, pressing her upper body closer to the table to open herself fully to her new possessor.

Pulling out of her he stepped back and with a light slap on her asscheeks said

“Yes, you have a fine cunt. I am sure, we’ll see you again sometime soon. Would you like that?”

Still kneeling, suddenly feeling empty, her pussy still gaping open, she nodded shamefacedly.

“Well, Karl, there you have it” he said laughingly turning to her husband “I’ll leave you my card, if you ever need a favour, call me”.


After Karl had dropped them back to the club and got back home he found Susan sitting in bed crying. As Karl began to undress she said:

“How could you have done this to me? Complete strangers! I’m your wife, not a whore!”

“I wouldn’t have thought so, seeing how you enjoyed Joseph” Karl blurted out.

“You saw us?”

“Yes, and it didn’t seem that you had to be forced”.

“But he did force me at first” she said quietly “he blackmailed me”.

“Blackmailed you? How?”

“I’ve had an affair with Harry. He discovered us and threatened us both. Harry pleaded with him and said he’d never see me again. After Harry had left Joseph took me to bed and fucked me all day”.

“How long has this go on?”

“With Joe?”

“Oh, it’s Joe already, ha? Yes, with him?”

“Almost 4 weeks now” she said.

Karl thought a moment: “Well, now that I know he can’t use that against you any more! I’ll send him packing first thing tomorrow morning. I still love you and we’ll forget all about this whole affair. With Harry I pretend I know nothing if you promise never to let him have sex with you again.”

“I love you too” Susan said “but…….”

“But what?”

“I also want to have Joe’s cock!” she blurted out “Can you not understand that? I need him”.

After a moment of silence, his cock rising with excitement, he said: “But how can I pretend not to notice. He virtually lives here. And what will other people think?”

Seeing his cock now hard, she said: “Come here, make love to me” and laying back opened her legs to him.

Karl slid between her welcoming legs and hugging her to him entered her moist pussy.

“Hmm” she crooned “you are a real tiger tonight. Did it excite you seeing me with Joe?”

His face pressed into the side of her neck he heard himself say: “Yes, it did!”

Keeping his cock trapped between her legs she rolled over and pushing herself up on stretched arms smiled down at him: “Then why won’t you let him have me too. Don’t you think I can handle the both of you? You are gone all day and you have me at night. Please?” she begged.

Finally Karl answered: “Alright, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. But he must be discreet. If I ever find out that he’s bragging I’ll fire him and deny everything”.

“Ohh, darling, I love you so much” Susan beamed and redoubling her efforts she made her husband cum.


Early the next morning, Joseph came into the house by his own key as usual before Karl and Susan would get out of bed. He went about his business, cluttering around in the kitchen banging pots and pans until the Bwana was up and gone and he could drop the charade.

Susan got up and said to her husband: “Will you now talk to him? I’ll go into the bathroom and leave you two alone, ok?”

“Alright, I’ll talk with him”

After Susan had vanished into the adjacent bathroom he called out to Joseph. Sticking his head through the bedroom door, he said: “Yes, Bwana?”

“Come in here, Joseph and sit down. I want to talk to you”.

Joseph sat down in an armchair facing the bed.

“Joseph, I know that you are having sex with Susan. Don’t shake your head. I know all about it”. She has told me everything and she has begged me that I let you continue to sleep with her”.

Seeing a grin spreading over his face, he added: “But I’ll warn you, unless you are absolutely discreet, if you tell anyone…anyone at all, I’ll fire you and say that you tried to rape my wife. Do you understand that?”

The wheels turning in his head at this unexpected turn of events, Joseph said:

“Yes, I understand, Bwana. I won’t tell anyone!”

“OK, come on, let’s shake hands on it. We’ll be sharing her. You have her during the day and I have her at night. And you must use condoms. I don’t want a colored baby with her, you hear?”

Joeseph held out his hand: “Yes”, he said “we’ll use protection whenever she’s fertile”.

“Susan” Karl called out for his wife “you can come in now. Joseph and I have agreed”.