Acting Out a Fantasy

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    Acting Out a Fantasy

    My wife Catherine and I have been together for almost a year. She is 5-5 with a curvy figure, and she still drives me crazy. I often get turned on just thinking about her, and we make love nearly every night. The only thing I don’t like about my sex life with her is that when I am fucking her I have to wear a condom, because she doesn’t want to take the pill. Once I tried to talk her into taking it and she just said ,”If you don’t want to fuck me with a condom on I’ll find someone who will.”

    Even though I love my wife and our sex life is great I sometimes surf the net for porn. The pictures that turn me on the most are the ones where two guys are fucking a girl. I love to look at the pics where the woman fucks one guy while she sucks the other one off. I also like to read erotic stories about group sex.

    One day I was sitting at my desk at home looking at porn and I didn’t hear my wife come in. She walked into the room and I was sitting in front of my computer with my dick out stroking. I tried to put it away quick, but I looked ridiculous with my hard dick poking out through my underwear.

    I thought my wife would be mad, but instead she laughed and walked in and looked at the computer screen. She wrapped her arms around me, then reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock. She whispered in my ear,”I want you to surf through the porn like you usually do, and I will look over your shoulder and hold your cock.”

    I thought this was odd, but I was really turned on. Cathy wet her hand with salavia and put it on my dick and started to stroke up and down. I clicked on a mpeg of a large breasted blonde woman sitting on one guys lap while she sucked off another guy. The picture came to life with the woman bouncing up and down on the mans dick while she sucked the other one off.

    “What’s on the other screen,” my wife whispered into my ear. I clicked on a screen that I had minimized and it was an erotic story I had been reading. “Read it to me.”

    She was slowly stroking my dick and I was hard as a rock, but she never stroked fast enough for me to come. I could feel her breath on my neck and her breast pressed against my back. I read her the story so she wouldn’t stop stroking, but I didn’t think about what was in the actual text. The story was about a guy who was cuckolded by his wife and friend. The wife gets so horny that she forces the guy to come in her and she gets pregnant.

    As my wife is stroking me I am getting harder and harder and she starts to whisper in my ear,”Wouldn’t you like to watch me fuck some body?” and she started to stroke me faster. I was lost in the fantasy and said yes. Then she ask me to tell her about it.

    “You’re having sex with someone we know and I’m watching you be seduced. You try to resist, but you just get carried away.” I’m breathing hard. Then she whispers in my ear,”Is he wearing a rubber.”

    “No.” I say and I feel myself start to cum. Almost immediately after I come I say,”I’m sorry, I got carried away.”

    She gives me a kiss and then she says,”It’s okay, you can’t help what turns you on.”

    I was thankful to have such a hot and kinky wife.


    It was about a week later that Cathrine called to tell me she had invited a friend from work over for dinner. I didn’t even know the friend was a man until I got home and met Tom. Tom was about my height and skinny, he was a young, black professional that worked at my wifes office. He was wearing a tie and pants.

    As my wife made us a spagetti dinner I talked to Tom about his work and life. He was a really polite guy and we were getting along great. We were both fans of the New York Yankees and we both agreed they would turn it on at the end of the season. Then dinner came out and we sat at the table and my wife poured us all a glass of red wine. My wife was delighted that Tom and I were getting along.

    After we ate my wife poured another glass of wine and walked into the living room. My wife put on some jazz music and I sat down on one end of the couch and Tom sat at the other. My wife sat in the middle. We made some meaningless conversation, and then my wife said,”It’s been a long day, I need a foot rub.” My wife got up and poured some more wine in the glasses, and then she laid down on the couch with her head in Toms lap and her feet on my lap,”You guys don’t mind do you?”

    I knew my wife was playing games with me, because she knows her feet turn me on. So I start to rub her feet. “Mmmm. That feels good,” she said. “I’ll pay you back later tonight.”

    Tom broke in,”Sounds like you guys are going to have some fun.”

    Yeah, I said, playing along,”We know how to have a good time.”

    The tension in the room had started to get thick, and I felt the blood rushing to my penis. My wife took her toe and ran it along the outside of my pants, feeling my shaft beneath. Tom looked at my lap, and I was thinking he would excuse himself.

    “Am I making you guys excited?” my wife said, I looked at her and realized she must be able to feel tom’s penis through his pants. I wondered if he was hard and turned on like me. Tom looked at me to see how I would respond. I thought back to the evening when Cathrine had found me with the porn, and I knew I was in dangerous territory, but I also felt like Tom or Cathrine wouldn’t do any thing that made me uncomfortable.

    “I’m getting exciting, what about you Tom.”

    Tom said,”Actually, I hate to admit this, but I can see down the top of your wifes shirt.

    Cathrine was wearing a tight white shirt and tight black pants. It was a sexy outfit, but one she could wear to work. I felt her foot stroke my cock a little more, and I could tell she wanted to experiment so I said,”What about you sweet heart?

    “I’m getting my feet rubbed by one hansom man and I feel another hansom man’s cock swelling under my head. How could I not be turned on?”

    My wife then sat up and said,”I think we should have a little fun. We’re all a little tipsy, and anyone’s welcome to stop it all at anytime, but I’m feeling a little wild.” Then she pulled her shirt over her head and ran her hands over the outside of her bra. She was wearing a shear bra and her nipples were visible through the lace. My penis almost hurt with the strain under my pants, and I thought Tom’s must be the same. Then Cathy said,”I’m going to suggest that you two take off your clothes.

    Tom looked over at me and I shrugged. I got up and started to unbutton my shirt. Tom got up and did the same. I was a little intimidated, because when Tom and I got our shirts off it was obvious he worked out and I didn’t. His body was not big, but was well defined while I was white, skinny and undefined. Then we both dropped our pants and we sat down and took off our shoes. Last we both stripped off our underwear.

    I had never seen a black man’s penis before, so I was curious and I had to look. His penis wasn’t behemoth, but it was a little bit larger than my 7 inch rod. I guessed it was about an inch longer. We were both hard, although I think I was a little more excited as my penis really stuck straight up and looked like it was about to explode.

    Then Cathy said,”good boys.” She slowly pulled down her pants and then she said,”Now, I’m going to lay down the ground rules. First, only my husband can remove my bra and panties. My tits and my pussy belong to him, and only he can give others access. However honey (she looked at me with serious, but sultry expression) if the panties come off then I get to decide where my pussy goes. The second rule, if one of you comes, the other one comes too. I want everything equal. So if you come you have to sit in the time out chair and watch until the other person gets a chance to come. And the third rule is that you have to wear a condom to put your dick in me. It’s been about two weeks since my period, and I don’t want to get pregnant. Honey, go get the condoms.”

    I got up and went into the bedroom to get the condoms. I opened the drawer and there was only one condom left. I was upset, but I grabbed it and went back into the living room. “Only one,” my wife said. I nodded,”then I guess only one of you will get to fuck me, or else I might get pregnant. I wonder which one of you it will be?”

    I sat on the couch and my wife started to kiss me and she touched my cock. I started to feel her breast, but Tom’s hand was there, so I put my hands to the side. Then my wife turned and she started to kiss Tom and she reached into his lap and started to slowly squeeze his cock. I looked for a moment and thought I would come. It was really hot seeing my wife touch another man. Tom’s black hands created a contrast against my wifes white skin that was striking.

    It occurred to me that I should remove her bra, so I reached around the back and unhooked it. She lifted her arms and she gave a slight moan as I removed it. Then I leaned over and started to kiss her breast. She moaned again. I opened my eyes and I had a perfect view of her hand gripping Toms cock, a drop of precum already formed on the tip.

    I reached between her legs and felt her damp panties. I ran my hand up and down the length of vagina with only her panties between my finger and her cunt. I thought about removing them, but then I remembered the rules and I was afraid if I removed them now she would fuck Tom, and with only one condom I wanted to fuck her, although I thought about how great it would be to watch. Cathy then started to kiss down Tom’s chest and I pulled back to watch as she kissed down his abs to his cock. She kissed all around the sensitive tip and I saw Tom close his eyes and moan. Cathy turned and got on all-fours while she was sucking Tom.

    My wifes panty covered pussy was directly in front of me, and I was so horny I was about to come. I knew it was risky, but I wanted to make sure I got to use the condom to fuck her with. I thought about how nice her wet pussy would feel and I could think of nothing else. I decided to pull off her panties and to fuck her. First I opened the condom and slowly unrolled it down my penis. I was so turned on I thought I would come. Next I started to pull down Cathrines panties and she turned around and said,”Are sure honey, once those come off my pussy goes where ever I want it to go.”

    After the warning she turned back around and lowered her lips back on to Tom’s cock. My penis was throbbing inside the condom, and I could smell my wifes pussy. I touched it and I could feel the warmth and I was filled with the need to have it. I wondered why she had warned me, and I considered the idea that she would fuck Tom, Even though I had fantasies about her fucking someone else I wasn’t sure that I wanted it to go that far, especially since I had already put on the last condom.

    Then I looked down at my cock and I could think of nothing but sinking into my wife. I pulled her panties down and off, and then I mounted her from behind. She moaned and I started to fuck. Almost immediately I felt my balls start to tense up and I knew I couldn’t last long. At first I tried to slow down, but it was too late so I thrust two times quickly and I felt myself give way to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and pushed deep inside my wife filling the condom with a large load of my semen. Then I slowly pulled out and Cathy pointed to the time out chair. I went to sit in it and I pulled the condom off of my dick.

    It hit me then that I was sitting in a chair looking at my wife naked with a black man. I realized I had been tricked by my wife, but I took solace in the fact that she said that he would have to put on a condom to put our dick in her, and we were out of condoms. I thought I might enjoy seeing her suck him or jack him off, and at least I could handle it.

    My wife then sat up and started to kiss Tom again. His hand roved gently over her breast and nipples and then down to her vagina. He started to move his hand around and she started to moan. He picked up the pace and she started breathing harder. She stopped kissing him and spread her legs and laid back on the couch. Tom moved around and dropped between her legs. I watched as he started to give her oral sex. She moaned and touched her head and then her breast. “Oh god, I’m going to come oh god.” She started to moan. After about another minute Cathy yelled,”Oh fuck yes!” and I could see her toes tighten and I could feel the waves of pleasure going through her body. I was amazed at how quickly she had come and how strong it had been. I wasn’t sure I had ever managed to get her that turned on. I felt a little inferior, but my own erection had already returned. I wanted to join in again, but the rule was that I had to sit in the time out chair until Tom came.

    Cathy then pulled Tom into the chair and slowly started to suck his cock. The she pulled her head off revealing his rock hard member. Now it looked a good bit bigger than mine, and I was afraid that if she felt it inside of her she would realize how much smaller I was. Cathrine turned around and sat down in Tom’s lap. She was facing me and she was stroking his cock which was between her legs. Her pussy lips were kissing the top of his cock as she looked me in the eyes and said,”This is your fantasy baby, Do you want me to fuck it?”

    “You don’t have a condom.” I replied weakly. I didn’t want her to fuck it because his dick was so much bigger than mine, and because I didn’t want her to get pregnant with a black baby.

    “That’s not what I asked sweetheart. This is like the stories you read. I want to fulfill your fantasies.” Her voice started to grow impatient and forceful,”Do you want me to sit on his cock and ride it? Do you want to see it going in out of me? Do you want me to fuck it?”

    She continued,”If you’re a man you can end this right now. I’ll just jack Tom off and tell him to go home. But if you want me to fuck it, just touch your dick. If you don’t have enough control over yourself to keep from touching your dick I’ll know you want his dick inside of me.”

    I watched as she rubbed the outside of her pussy up and down his cock. She moaned and held his dick close to her pussy. I could hear him breathing heavily and I saw the look of ecstacy in her eyes. I could also feel my own penis getting harder. I could feel the horniness rising to the top of my penis and I wanted nothing more than to touch it. Only the thought of my wife getting pregnant by another man was holding me back.

    “It looks like you like what you see sweetheart. It looks like you want me to sit on his cock. Why don’t you touch your dick?”

    “ I don’t want you to get pregnant. I’m not sure I want this.” Those words were hard for me to say, but I forced my self to say them. Even though I wanted to see them fuck, I wasn’t ready to be humiliated with a black baby.

    “Okay sweetheart, but I have to make him come. His dick feels really good between my legs. What if I sit on it for just a second? What if he promises not to come inside of me?”

    Then Tom said,”Man, touch yourself. I won’t come inside her unless I see you come. If I see you come though I know you must really be turned on by seeing my dick in her, and I’ll do you the favor of knocking her up.”

    “See sweet heart, just touch yourself. It will feel so good and it would be so naughty to see him inside of me. Just touch yourself.”

    I looked at my wife sitting on his lap with her legs spread and her pussy rubbing the top of his cock. I felt my hand reaching for me penis. “Good boy, good naughty boy.” My wife said., I watched her and listened and then I felt my hand wrap around my penis.

    Then my wife rose up and ran the tip of his dick along her pussy and then she slowly lowed herself down on to it. “Oh god, that feels so good. It’s so much bigger than yours baby. This is so naughty.”

    She moved slowly sliding up and down on his cock. She was breathing deeply and disjointly at first, but she grew more ecstatic. She didn’t seem to know what she was saying, but she started to speak,”Oh yes, naughty husband,,you want to see me fuck this big black cock. Oh god it feels so good. I’m not sure I can stop. I bet you want him to come inside me too. I bet you come all over yourself.”

    I had never heard her talk like that before, but I had read it in stories. I realized she must of read some more of my stories. I watched as she picked up the pace, and with out thinking I was picking up the pace too. Then she said,” I feel his dick growing inside of me, It’s so big. I think you want him to come inside me.”

    Then it hit me, this would be a black baby and I would be humiliated. I let go of my penis even though I was on the verge of coming and I breathed deep to fight it off. I really wanted to finish myself as I looked at my penis throbbing in front of me, and I knew if I grabbed it right now cum would shoot into the air and down my fingers, but instead I said,”We should stop now, this is going to far.”

    “Come here.” She motioned for me to come stand beside her. She continued to rock slowly on Toms cock and she motioned for me to stand on the couch beside them. My penis was sticking straight out just below her mouth and I could feel her breath on it and I was afraid I would come, but I was to excited to step away. In an out of breath voice she whispered“Come on my tits baby.” And as she spoke her lips gently rubbed against my cock.

    “No, I don’t want you to get pregnant.” I said, but I didn’t move away. I left my penis in front of her, at her mercy. I was beginning to want her to pull it. I wanted to come and part of me wanted Tom to fill up me wife.

    She then grabbed my cock and started to pull it. She stroked it gently and then she put it deep in her mouth and got it wet with her spit, and then she pulled it close to her chest and rubbed the head of cock against her nipple. “Come on my chest. This is your fantasy, to be cuckolded. Make it come true baby. I see your balls getting tighter. I know you want this. Come on my tits.”

    She was bouncing up and down on his cock and she was stroking me quickly. I felt waves of pleasure building inside of me stronger than anything I had felt before. I knew I shouldn’t do this and I started to pull away and Cathy’s hand slipped off of my cock, but then I felt the orgasm. I closed my eyes and I felt the thick stringy liquid shoot from the end of my dick on to Cathy’s chest. It started to run down over her nipples. When Tom saw it he said,”Oh fuck, yes. Finally” And I could see him thrust hard upward. Cathy let out a yelp as my cum fell on her chest and I knew Tom was coming deep in her pussy.

    “Oh god, it feels so good. I feel him coming in me,”She screamed as she closed her eyes and had an orgasm of her own.

    She continued to slowly rock on Tom’s cock, and then gently she lifted herself up. His cock fell flatly to the side, and it was wet with the mixture of there orgasms. Cathrine laid down on the couch exausted.

    I got down off of the couch and Cathy told me to sit down. “You can go home Tom.” She said and he started to get dressed. When he was dressed he leaned over and kissed her, then he turned to me and said,”I’m glad I could help you.” Then Tom left.

    When Tom got dressed and left Cathy laid in the middle of the floor and spread her legs. “I want you to eat me out.”

    “Tom just came in you, I don’t want to do that.”

    Cathy reached between her legs and started to masturbate with one hand while she rubbed my cum over her nipples with the other. I was thinking about what had just happened and I expected to worry. I felt myself start to get hard again. “It looks like you want to taste baby, why don’t you taste.”

    I felt as if I was acting compulsively, as if I had no control. I dropped to the floor and started to gently kiss Cathys cunt. Then I put my tounge out and tasted. It was slightly bitter but not bad. Cathy put her hand on the back of my head and gently pulled me toward her. She held me close and I felt myself getting aroused so I kissed her and started to explore her with my tounge. I now tasted her and Tom mixed together and it aroused me more. She started to come again and I felt more of Toms come and I swallowed. After two orgasms I was rock hard again.

    Cathrine pulled me up and kissed me and I tried to enter her, but she pushed me off. “Your not wearing a condom.” She said. Then she grabbed my cock and started to stroke me off. She took her finders and dipped them inside of her cunt and used the juices to massage my cock. I was again really turned on and my cock was wet with come and spit. She started to lick my nipple and then massage my balls as she stroked me. In just a few seconds I had come again. She then pulled her come covered body close to me and she whispered in my ear, “I love you. I’ll fill any fantasy for you. As soon as I find out I’m pregnant with Tom’s baby you can fuck me all you want with out a condom. I wanted to protest, or ask her not to have the baby, but with the thought of her growing stomach and with her naked body next to me I was starting to get hard again.
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    We have a similar story , I was also caught on the computer checking out porn , Kim said nothing but hovered over a black mans cock picture , she asked if all black men had huge cocks , after checking lots of pages it was plain that most had large cocks.

    Our friends invited us to a guitar recital and the player was a black man from the UK west Indian I believe around 55 and good looking , he played all night as we drank only stopping for food and to meet us who were there , couples left and we stayed , Kim and Lyn were left listening while Eddy and I went and cleared up the kitchen , Eddy was telling me Bobs story ( guitar player ) they had been friends for years and Lyn had dated Bob at uni so we invited him to come and stay, Eddy told me Bob was a womanizer so when I showed him some photos of our group he thought your Kim was great and shaped for black men , I felt cross but exited at the thought , Eddy told me that Lyn had mentioned it to Kim some time ago which now I know why she was interested in the porn photos.

    On the way home I queried her about Bob , she went quiet , then told me what Lyn had said , Lyn wanted to know if I would be interested in having an affair with Bob as he found me erotic.
    In bed that night we discussed Bob and I agreed she could find out if Bob would be interested, Kim phoned Lyn and they planned an afternoon listening to Bob playing.

    The day came and we both went to Eddy & Lyn's , Bob was just in shorts sitting on the couch with his guitar and invited Kim to sit opposite , she looked stunning just wearing a summer dress it was obvious she had no bra on and when she sat down saw she had no panties on either.

    Eddy Lyn and I left the room , Lyn eased my mind saying she will be ok Bob will take good care of her, Eddy smiled , he is a great fucker love watching him , you will too.

    An hour later we went back to the lounge where Bob had Kim naked and was sucking her huge tits and nipples her legs were wide apart Bobs fingers were deep in her , she was so wet and excited never knew we were there. It was strange seeing Kim with another man but extremely hot , Bob acknowledged us then started to ask Kim what she wanted , I want your cock she screamed that huge black cock please Bob please Bob fuck me, with that he shoved his tongue into her mouth now tell them what you want , she looked as us , I want Bobs fucking cock pleeeese , Bob eased her to the edge of the couch lowered his shorts to reveal a huge thick cock Kim arched her back Bob then started to feed this huge thing between her lips opening her to the max her cunt just open up and about three inches of head went in Bob held it there , Kim was beside herself asking for moor fuck me fuck me fuck me he grabbed her erect nipples and squeezed and then shoved himself to the hilt Kim's eyes nearly popped out of her head and the groan was so deep Bob then just started to speed fuck her slapping his balls against her ass she met every thrust with glee , my wife was having the fuck of her life.

    Eddy and Lyn had got so exited they were fucking each other and I was left alone with one very hard dick in hand.
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    Great story's guys love to read them
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    would you like part two
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    is there more?
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    Nice story. Very well written 10/10
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    Yes love to hear more
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    Yes , we now have established that Bob wanted Kim and took her when he needed a good fuck.

    Kim phoned me one day to ask if we wanted to go to Eddie's for dinner , Bob would be there and so would some friends he had met , I phoned Eddy to find out what the story was re Bobs friends , Eddy told me they were black musician's from the UK.

    That night Kim asked if we were going to Eddie's , so I asked if she wqs OK with Bob and that I did not object her fucking Bob I found it very erotic , so if his friends wanted to fuck you I would not object so long as I watched.

    That night at Eddies was so warm we all ended in skimpy outfits , I can recall Kim sitting at the pool bar in a body stocking talking to Bob who was behind serving the drinks conversation was raunchy as Kim was wriggling in he stool , Bob moved around and started to massage her neck then slowly tore away her body stocking leaving her naked and exposed to all in the room , she was soon surrounded and being admired by Bobs friends there hands were all over her , it was then they undressed , Eddie and I watched Kim enjoy there attention one by one they took turns fucking her she was begging for moor and moor and finally they all unloaded cum over her face tits and ass , as they finished in walked Lyn and cleaned Kim up.
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    that got my cock hard as hell
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