A Major Rival


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A Major Rival

How do I begin. Man, I was so high, then so low. Now accepting. My name is Sam. This is a story of my wife and how she ended up knocked up. Joan, my wife, lusted. I did not give permission, but I let it happen. Now don’t get me wrong. I am no whimp. I played football at the college level on scholarship. Division III, but still pretty tough stuff. I met Joan in college. We fell in love and got married after college. We had been married 10 years. Solid in every way. Middle of the road, middle class. Nice home and cars. No major debt problems or saving problems. Hell yeah we wanted more, but that was coming. We just knew it.

We also wanted kids. Man did Joan want kids. We became an open door to half the county. Babysat for everyone and anyone. Got paid once in a while. I even got involved with youth football because I love kids. Joan said I would be a great father some day. No not the “Have to play the game” dad. Just a steady influence. Big brothers/sisters. Heck, I almost ran the thing. So you can tell, we where busy with our lives.

Kids. The missing thing. Well at five years of fucking like rabbits and nothing happening, we began to really talk. In real terms. What was the problem? I was the one who said lets go face the Dr. Now Joan, did not like Dr’s. The exams and all. I thought it caused her pain, but I was to find out why. See Joan is just a fire out of control in the bedroom. In life, she is very conservative. I have encouraged her in areas like showing some skin or tit because I am proud of what I have in a wife. But she lets me go on about my dreams at home or in bed, but will not move that way often. I have noticed even back in college, if you get some drinks in her. She begins to melt. A bit. Ok, I claim a victory because she went one Saturday afternoon to get the mail braless. As I watched the two guys next door drinking beer on the front lawn stare as she swung her fine ass and her tits swayed. But like coach always said. A “W” is a “W” no matter what.

Joan? Well she has long blonde hair. Wonderful face and eyes. Only 118 pounds on a 5 foot 3 frame. And what a frame. Nice big tits. Not out there Triple DDDDDD shit. Fitting her body but big for her frame. Curves all over. And her ass. My god. Nina Hartley would be green. When in her home and behind closed doors and all, she is unreal. Dresses for me. Acts the Slut all the time. Lets me do what ever I want. Pinch her nipples, spank her, all of it. Fuck her ass hard. Tie up, all of it. Hell she can have a massive pass out cum just by playing with her tits and nipples. Then if you add a bit of drink to it. A CC and 7. Or some good beer or wine, she becomes even more charged up. Daring almost. She is a 27 year old stick of explosive waiting to happen. And wants KIDS!!!!!!!

What can I say. Ok me. That is what your thinking. I am five foot 11. Never able to make that six number. I am 221, just like in college. I played outside Linebacker. The scouts wrote that I was a HARD WORKER, Talented, Quick, Hard hitting. But, I played small school. Was not “FAST”. And got ran over a couple of times in four years. So I ended my playing time with no calls or tryouts from the pro’s. But I knew that up front. I did not sweat that at all. I knew I could not play at that level. But, I was dang good at what I did and I got the education my parents wanted and so it is. I have no problem with all that. I am still in shape, play golf, my gut is hard and my ass tight. I have my hair and do not have to many pains from the playing days. I had a great time. I am 30 and lots of guys I know are already looking mid 50’s. I am useful, loving wife, great everything. But my own kids.

Yeah it keeps coming back to that. Well, there is one other thing I have left out. There is JEFF!!!!!!. Jeff and I met as High School Jr’s. I was going to be starting at outside Linebacker for the home team. Jeff moved into town five months ago. He and I should have hit it off. He is a great guy. Very giving and nice to everyone. But we did not. He was a bastard. Something about him. I could not put my finger on. Well, long story short. Jeff was always a bit taller. Now six foot. Always a bit bigger. At 230 he could really do more. Always a bit faster and stronger and all of it. Hell, in the shower it showed.

In football we put rookies though humiliating things. Never talk about. One thing we did in high school was make all the new guys jerk off. In the shower. We where all naked and it is one of those guy things. A team thing. Well they all did. We had 10 rookies that year and Jeff was one. Now me? I went and did it too. When I was a freshman. Jeff hard was no longer than me at eight inches of love shaft. But Jeff was inches like me, but much more thick. Massively thick. Anyway they all jerked off, but Jeff was last to cum. Now I cum a lot. Lots of sperm. Thick and all that. I normally jerk hard three times. Funny what guys know about themselves. Jeff jerked and shot five times. No I nor my teammates are gay, but no one had ever seen that. He ended up with so much cum on the floor. And he was still dripping more. Thinking back I now think, how many kids will this guy have?

Like I said long story short. Jeff and I ended up at the same college and sharing time at outside linebacker. Mostly him, but I did get my glory. He kept up at me all the time. In my face stuff. He was getting a rep. A hot lay. From the girls. He claimed to me he fucked every girl on the cheerleaders every year. Even knock a couple up. He did not care other than the pussy was tight. According to him he fucked most of his female teachers as their husbands watched and begged him to cum in them. Like I said a real bastard.

Then I met Joan. My life got rich quick. I felt great. No matter the stories from Jeff, I had Joan and he kept attempting to get her, but nothing worked. Basically, Jeff is a good guy. A nice guy. Only I saw this side of him. He should be a good friend, but he has some major flaws and Joan knew it too. But we both liked a bit and he was around. Yes sometimes attempting to get in Joan’s pants. But that is all behind us now. We left college and basically lost touch. And that was that. Is what I thought.

Kids, that is my focus now. I am 30 and no kids. And all that goes with it. So off we went to see the Dr. Joan was so upset. Yet, her nipples where hard and her pussy wet. I did not know. Two visits. The first of me. Of course Joan was there. The Dr was female and ended up having an assistant jerk me off into a cup as Joan moved her hands over my tits. Kissing me. Yes I got off, but the medical side was so clear. I remember shooting my load as I looked at the Dr looking at Joan’s nice ass. The Dr had a look of can not wait. I had a five day build up so they got a good load and fresh sperm.

The next visit it was Joan.

The Dr gave her a shot. Something to calm her. Then her and her assistant went on to harvest the egg. That is what the Dr called it. I call it pawing the hell out of my wife. Yes, I was there. I saw them feel her up. Finger her. Prod her and finally almost kissing her as she got off. I kept reminding myself she had a drug in her, but I had a thought or two.

The results came in two weeks later. I did not have enough “good” seaman to knock Joan up. Joan was hit like hit with a log. She cried. I did not get any understanding from her. And in the end, that is where our trouble began. I was feeling worthless. Dr said even if she used three cums from me, that it would not be enough to artificially knock Joan up.

Soon after we got a call from the college. I was awarded a post on the charity committee. I dove into that work. Kept me away from the thoughts I was having and that I could not knock up Joan. Or very little chance. Anyway, the list of people who gave money on my area was not all that long, but I had to contact them about the Spring dance. One was, you guessed it, Jeff.

So I called Jeff along with the other 20 or so folks about the dance the college was putting on for money. Donations. Most where only kind of warm to the idea so I did not push them to hard. A few like Jeff where very excited. He said he would rent the place for the school. He had started his own company and was well off. The college was very happy. Jeff also said he would have a special gift at the end of the night. Little did I know what that meant. Jeff called back around eight or nine times. Most of the time just to chat with me and Joan. He seemed really changed. No longer one upping me. We even met to play golf one afternoon at his expense. I beat him. I finally beat him and he was very nice about it and bragged to Joan what a good guy I was when he came over for drinks after.

Joan, always got horny when drinking. Joan wore me out after the little party. I was even worried about Jeff. He had at least 10 beers over the afternoon and evening. Use to be when he drank like that, he would get real nasty. But instead, he was very nice and funny. Even putting himself down. For screw up’s on the football field years ago. He was still in great shape. He even helped Joan with snacks and clean up. A very changed man from my days with him. Maybe, just maybe, we could be friends?

He had brought along his assistant from work. Fred was Mexican and dressed well and could hit the ball a mile. But was having trouble with his short game. Fred did not say much. Let Jeff do all the talking. He had very dark black hair and was of a good build. In shape. But younger than us. Just out of college. So I did not think much when he was so quiet. Hell, it was Jeff’s assistant. But after that much beer Fred kept looking at Joan with lust and leering. Joan did not mind the attention. Women like that at times.

I even had a surprise. I went to the kitchen for a beer. Joan and Fred had gone there to put some food up. I saw Fred with his hand on Joan’s wonderful ass. Joan was bent over the dishwasher. Her great ass right there. Guess Fred could not help it. So he had reached out and felt it. Even put his fingers between her legs at her tight pussy. Joan stood and turned. Said please. No. I am married. And so that was that. But Joan did not seem mad. I calmed down and wrote it off to the drinks, long day, what ever. I am sure he is not the first guy to make a pass at Joan. She is pretty hot. And after the news we got from the Dr, she most likely needed the boost.

Anyway, I called a cab for these two guys. They would have to come over then next day to get their car. That night Joan was a tiger in bed. Attacking and riding my hard cock. When I moaned and shot off, Joan’s pussy seemed to suck every bit out of me. From deep in my balls. The next day Fred showed up for the car and was nice, but not much else.

The party was a week away. Monday the Dr called and had Joan get meds for fertility. We where attempting anything to have a baby. I fucked Joan on Wednesday. Then the big party night was here. I went all out. I did not reserve a table but a booth. I was surprised to learn that Jeff and Fred would be joining us. This surprised me a bit since the committee normally has another women at the table with a married woman. They told me that since I knew Jeff and he was alone, that we would most likely make him feel more welcomed. Joan said it was no big deal and so I let it go. I also popped for a limo. Rented it for all night. Joan dressed.

Boy did she dress. She looked wonderful. She wore a dark green dress, a neck line that showed a bit of tit and dropped to mid thigh. She wore a matching Thong and Bra. Thigh highs and great “come fuck me shoes”. I looked hot in my suit and we kissed and left to go to the party. I felt it would be a good night. Little did I know. Jeff had laid a trap. A trap to plant his cum in Joan. He had always wanted Joan. He had always wanted to fuck her. And here I thought he had changed.

Like I said, this was going to be a night.

And so the night was here. Joan and I went to the party. As we walked in, all eyes seemed to be on her. We went and took out seats. Or in the booth. Jeff and Fred where already there and quickly ordered us a drink. Then as I expected, I got dragged off. Again and again. For this talk and that. Joan did not seem to mind. She was understanding with this charity type of thing.

Meanwhile, Jeff started to “talk” to Joan. Telling her how lovely she looked. Fred too opened up to her and joined in the convo. How she was so HOT. Every time I came back to the booth, Joan was on the dance floor with one of them. Slow songs they would hug her close. I wrote this off to drink. Fred and Joan came off the dance floor. The last three had been fast songs and Fred new how to move on the dance floor. Jeff and I had been talking and to me things from the past seemed to melt away. Jeff was an alright guy. He even paid for all the drinks. I had brought 200 in cash, and had not spent a dime. As Joan slid into the booth next to Jeff, Fred slid in next to her. I knew I missed my chance to sit next to my wife. Joan asked me why I had “that look”. She always put me on the spot like that. I told her I wanted to sit next to my wife. Then it hit me. Man I sounded like such a whinny bastard. Fred said, sorry man, I did not mean anything. Lets change places. Joan put her hand on his arm and said no. She said my husband is off doing his work all night while you two wonderful men have kept me entertained and dancing. He can sit next to me when ever he wants. I was kind of shocked at her reply, but just then, someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to talk to them.

Jeff laughed to himself, this will be really good dumping my cum into this woman. She will beg for it in another hour. He dropped his had to her knee, giving it a little spueeze, then moved it up her inner thigh in little circles. He said in a loud voice, you tell him girl. Just because he is Mr big shot, you don’t need to be ignored. And then all three laughed. As I turned, Jeff left his hand still half way up her thigh. Her thigh highs felt good on his hand. Her skirt, was moved back. I had not heard what Jeff said, but I joined the laughing just to fit in. Joan looked at me a bit mad, and yet amused. She was thinking about the excitement Jeff’s hand and touch was giving her. Her pussy was getting wet. Well she always got wet dancing with men, feeling them, watching them. But now her pussy was even more wet.

I said, I had to go meet this last guys wife. Convince her she had to let him donate, and so I got up and left. Joan said, no problem boys. You two will keep a married woman happy will you not. And with that gave them both a little kiss on the cheek. Jeff thought, this is going to be great. He called to the bar maid as his hand continued it’s journey up her leg to her bare flesh. Jeff ordered another round and winked twice at the bar maid. This was a signal to put the “horny drug” in Joan’s drink. Nothing dangerous or a knock out or anything. Just a little boost to get her really hot. Joan was leaning a bit forward on her elbows chatting with Fred. Fred was looking deep in her eyes. She loved it. Good looking women walked by and Fred only had eyes for her. Horny eye, yes, but she loved it as she sipped on her drink and enjoyed bad boy Jeff feeling her inner thigh right near her thong covered pussy mound.

She knew she should stop him, but did not want to hurt his feelings. And the things she was feeling where so hot, she was almost dripping. Then she turned to Jeff and said, I am sorry, I need to go to the ladies room. Jeff smiled and slowly pulled his hand out from under her skirt. He even pulled it back down in place. May thought Joan, what a nice guy. Thinking of her dignity. Jeff said, well my dear Joan, you will need to earn that right. A devil look came in his eye. Yes she remembered from school. Guys made girls crawl over them to get out to run to the bathroom and then crawl back in to get their seat. It was win/win for every one. The woman got to slide or sit on a hard cock and the guys got a couple of accidental feels and the girls ass and pussy over their hard cocks. Just a silly college game. Well she would show him she was game. And so she scooted up and began to slide to over Jeff to get out of the booth. She and Jeff and Fred laughed and Jeff felt Joan’s waist and pulled her down on his hard cock in his pants. Joan sighed and kept sliding and Jeff did not stop her. But he did note, man her ass feels good on my cock. As Joan moved off to the bathroom, he and Fred compared notes.

Fred had “felt her tits up” on the dance floor. Jeff had felt her fine ass and her big tits against his chest. Also had felt up her leg to her pussy. Drinks that Jeff ordered arrived and he placed them all. Joan’s in the middle. Also, Fred had given her a soft kiss or two on her neck and she sighed both times, but then he backed off. They had both gotten her to a rather dark part of the dance floor. So dark in fact, almost no one went there and from the bar all you could really see was some movement and that is about it. Well, Jeff was great friends of the manger of the place. He and Fred had walked out that whole dance floor on a night that this place is closed and made their plans. Over in the dark area was a door. A short hallway and then the managers office. The club manager was “in” on it all. These two paid him some money to have a private, quiet place to fuck married women. So the manager let them use his office. He was never there when open. He was at the front door to greet people or helping at the bar. He did not care and if someone complained, he could not be blamed.

Joan came back and sat next to Fred. She asked for her drink and Jeff said, move over here and then you will have it. Again that devil grin. After all, it’s Fred’s turn. They all laughed and Fred said, yes. Let me have a turn. So she began to move back to her middle seat and finally got there after some tit feeling by Fred. Joan did note that Fred felt her tits great. Forcing then right out and up, making her nipples harder then they where already. She had cleaned herself as best she could but after getting to her seat, she was dripping again. Jeff’s hand again dropped to her knee as they all had their laugh and again began it’s journey. Jeff was such a bad boy, Joan thought as his hand went under her skirt, Fred moved in and began to talk to her again and then I came back.

I sat down and Joan looked a bit upset that I came back so soon, then her face relaxed. Because of the table cloth little did I know Jeff had got to her thong covered pussy. With her skirt up, his thumb was running up and down her slit. Pushing in just a bit. From her hot clit to the bottom of her slit. Joan again leaned forward and sighed. As Joan sipped her spiked drink, Jeff and Fred acted and talked with me like nothing was going on. Joan was silent but loved the comment about what a pretty wife she was and such a great dancer. All the time, Jeff’s fingers danced all over her pussy mound under her thong. Her thong was so wet. Jeff was very pleased and kept it up. Fred had his arms crossed and when I got tapped and turned to talk to someone, he would sneak a hand out and feel Joans tit. This along with the drink mixture that was just about ¾ the way gone added so much to what Jeff was doing. She could not help but begin to hump back on Jeff’s hand and hoping I would get interrupted again. So Fred would not feel left out, and she openly allowed both men to feel and group. After all our booth was pretty dark and due to the time, the bar man had also lowered all the lights.

Again I bragged about getting another donation and Jeff said he was very impressed. That he was wondering if he should offer me a sales job with his company. I blushed and said nothing. Just then, a high roller asked to talk to me. Why I was getting all this attention was beyond me. But yes, this was all Jeff’s plan in motion. Keep me away and happy. As he and Fred took care of my wife Joan and “Filled” in for me. Jeff Kept saying that to me. Don’t worry, Fred and I are filling in just fine for you. Then Jeff would lean close and say, really, I know you think I am just a cunt hungry bastard, but if your wife does not keep me honest, then Fred will. He is “born again” you know. That is why he is my assistant. He keeps me out of hot water and on the road to heaven.

Man I bought all of that hook, line, and sinker. I began to think they where like a couple of brothers and put it all out of my mind. I got up and went to meet the high roller.

Joan watched me walk away, and moaned. Man this drink was good and these two wonderful men knew just what she needed. Fred groaped her tit consistently. Her nipple were about ready to bust her bra. Jeff pulled her thong to the side and slid a thick finger into her pussy. She had sat up a bit then forward to sink all the way down on it. Just then, as she finished the spiked drink, she shook and had a good cum. She felt wave after wave hit her. Fred felt it and felt Joan push her tit into his hand. Jeff flet her pussy get super tight over and over and then a flood of cum covered his finger and hand. Joan let out another gasp just as the female bar maid showed up. Joan could not help herself as her body sent another shock wave through her.

Jeff and Fred quickly removed their wonderful hands. Joan sat there gasping for breath. Jeff covered it all and said, Joan, I think the drink may have you a bit off your mark. Why don’t you run to the ladies and splash some water on your face and you will be fine. The bar maid, knew what happened but played along. So Joan felt much better as she gained her breath.

Jeff said, did you like that last drink? Joan now mostly under the influence of the drug nodded and said, I loved it. He said good. Now off to the bathroom and then leaning real close, told her to remove her thong. Freshen up and come back. Joan did not even blink. The request. Or order. It was accepted by her numb brain right away. She whispered back, my bra too. Jeff looked like a devil again and said, if you dare.

And so, Joan slid out over Jeff. He hard cock for just a moment was right there between her ass cheeks. With the bar maid there, he was very nice and Joan made her way to the bathroom. The men ordered and then compared notes again. Both smiled big. I came back and Jeff said Joan had gone to the ladies. He said not to worry that he would make sure she had something to eat and slowed down some on the drinking. I got called back again to a meeting before Joan returned.

Joan made her way back to the table. She was feeling great. Free. Take your bra off if you dare? She took that as a challenge. She would show Jeff. And Fred. As she made her way around the dance floor, her tits moving. Nipples hard against the fabric of her dress. Air rushed up to her hot wet pussy. It felt great. Almost naked. She knew she drank a lot for her, but did not “feel” drunk. She felt really good. She knew she had let the boys go to far. She walked up to and then past the table. Jeff thought, Joan is really on it now. He saw her firm tits moving. Her nipples showing. Knew she was naked below as well. He could hardly wait to drive his half hard cock deep in her tight pussy and make her moan. Leak his pre cum into her and then wash her down with his thick cum. Fred saw and was thinking the same.

Joan found me. I was sitting at a table. Almost had a deal. When Joan showed up, I introduced her, then noticed she was braless. OMG. Joan smiled and said hello to the old farts I was with. One guy, must have been in his 80’s, almost had his teeth fall out. All three got a good look at my wife’s tits as she leaned forward and shook their hands.

Joan stood back up and then said to me. Dear, are you doing ok? I said I was doing great, why? Ready to go? Joan said oh no, just wanted to make sure you where having a good time. I said, I am having a good time. I will have a better time if I can get these gentlemen to donate. They all laughed and Joan leaned down. Gave me a kiss for luck. Then stood and said, well I am off to dance for awhile. I said are Jeff and Fred behaving themselves. Joan said, they have been better than expected. Her eyes shone with a light. I did not get what she meant.

So off Joan went. Into the crowd and I got back to talk. Man, what a wife. I saw her shapely ass moving into the crowd. I wrote the taking bra off thing to it being hot in the club. She had always took her bra off when it was to hot or if the bra was starting to rub her the wrong way.

Joan made her way back to the guys. She walked up and asked if Jeff would like to dance. Jeff looked surprised but happy. He said I do not dance as well as Fred. Joan said, I bet you dance better than my husband. Jeff smiled and he was thinking, I will show you in about 10 minutes when I sink my cock meat into you. Jeff said, but I just got you a fresh drink. Joan looked and leaned forward to get it. Leaning on the table for support. Both boys got a great deal of looking at her tits as she took her drink and began to drink it down. She set the glass down and it was almost gone. Joan stood back up and thought. Not very lady like, but what the hell. Jeff and Fred had already had fun with her. Now it was time to keep them busy with something other than feeling her up.

Joan’s plan was great, but Jeff and Fred had other ideas. Jeff nodded to Fred as he got up and took Joan to the dance floor. I was sitting on the other side of the room and could just make them out as they walked to the dance floor. My hot looking braless wife with my new friend Jeff. I turned back to the talk and smiled and was so happy and proud of my self.

Jeff, moved Joan onto the dance floor. The first song was fast and Joan loved the way Jeff danced and moved. She was doing this to “cool” things down. “Slow” things down. But she was wet as hell dancing with Jeff. They made a good looking couple and moved very well together. She blushed when she saw he wore no underware. His large cock moving around as he danced. As her tits did. Man did it feel good on her nipples moving around in the fabric of the dress. Jeff slowly got her moving toward the really dark area of the dance floor. Joan saw this and knew he wanted to feel her up some more. This turned her on all the more. Her body was hot for it. NEEDED it. Forgotten where facts. Like not on the pill. Eggs dropped. Husband.

Fred also had left the table. He moved slowly toward the dark area and then to the managers office. His cock was leaking and almost full hard. He could not wait to fuck Joan.

Then the song changed to a long slow one. Jeff took Joan in his arms and pulled her close. Feeling her naked under her dress. His cock jumped. His heavy and massive balls rubbed against her hot pussy mound. His cock pressed against her belly. Joan was in heat. This man smelled so good and was so good. As Jeff got her deeper into the dark area, he felt her fine ass. Grinding himself into her Joan was dripping. He soon had her deep in the dark and whispered, lets go somewhere alone.

With out waiting for her to say anything he took her hand and led her into the hallway and into the office. He locked the door. The office had little light and she saw Fred was there. There was a desk and a couple of chairs and that was it. Papers, file cabinet. Normal basic office. Jeff locked the door as Fred moved to her and taking her around the waist, kissed her full on the mouth. A deep kiss that Joan gave back.

The second drink was hitting her. Again she did not feel drunk. Just more alive. Things moved quickly then. She was soon laying back on the desk. Fred had felt her tits, pulled them out and sucked on her nipples as she humped on his hard meat. He then moved down and was soon licking and sucking her pussy. She was heaving for air and moaning. Her legs spread wide. Pushing her hot overheated pussy up to his mouth. Her shaved cunt leaking all over his face.

Fred then pushed TWO thick fingers into her pussy. Joan humped hard on them and a shock went through her as she got off. Fred kept up his eating and fingering. Joan opened her eyes to see Jeff. NAKED. His cock half hard and dripping pre cum. She took it and sucked it hard. Being a woman she noticed and compared a few things to her husband. Jeff was longer. Much longer. Jeff was trimmed way back. His pubic hair did not bother her nose and cheeks. Jeff was twice as thick. Jeff had foreskin. She loved suck his cock. And his balls. Good lord what balls. Golf ball size at least.

Jeff drove his cock into the married woman’s mouth. His cock swelled and was full. He grabbed Joans head and drove even deeper as Fred kept sucking and getting her ready. He could tell Fred had a finger or two in her hot ass. And was licking her hard clit. His pre cum was leaking like most men cum. Joan was better than he expected. But now was the time to fuck that tight pussy. He pulled his cock from her sucking mouth. Joan moaned in protest. Fred moved out of the way and Jeff stood in-between her wide spread legs. Joan lay out before him. Tits out. Nipples hard. Her pussy bare and very wet. Her hot cunt hole was open a bit. She was in need of breeding. Needing her eggs covered with hot thick cum.

Jeff began to rub his massive cock head up and down Joan’s pussy lips. Mixing his pre cum with her wet juice. Joan bucked and pushed to make that uncut cock head connect. But Jeff kept it moving up and down. Joan grunted and moaned as Jeff also played with her tits and nipples. Joan was beyond reason. She wanted a hot cock and hot cum. She begged him to fuck her bare. He even asked her if that is what she wanted and she screamed, YES, FUCK ME. PLEASE!

The manager of the place saw Jeff and Fred moving to the office. He also saw the hot slut that was with them. He said he had to look for something and got down behind the bar. Opening a door and moving some bottles around. Reached in and flipped a switch. He put everything back and closed the door. He smiled. Oh the internet will love this. If he knew right, this hot great looking woman, would make him plenty of bucks at $19.95 per view. Married woman fucked bare and wanting it. Even old Jeff did not know. The manager was a total bastard.

Jeff pushed in. His massive cock head, uncut, sunk into my wife Joan. Stretching her to a total open look. Jeff was finally lodged in that tight pussy he had wanted since college. He felt his pre cum discharge into it. Joan spread her legs more and even though it hurt, bucked her ass up to take more of his cock and thick shaft. Jeff smiled as he played with both tits and hard nipples then sunk half his 9 and a half inches into Joan.

Joan screamed. In lust and pain. The music and noise outside drowned it out. Jeff’s body leaked more and more pre cum. Baby making cum. Into her tight pussy. He rocked back and forth a few times and Joan was now use to the massive meat in her. She bucked back as he slid deeper and deeper. Joan suddenly knew she wanted more. Then Fred was back. Naked. His cock hard and leaking, Joan sucked on it. Cleaning it. Fred moaned. As his boss sunk into Joan’s pussy to the root.

Joan never felt so full and so happy with a cock. Jeff was balls deep and his massive balls rested on her ass. She shifted around and got ready to be FUCKED. She felt his cock swell and go down a bit then swell again. Jeff was almost like pumping pre cum into her married pussy. Never had a man been this deep in her pussy.

Jeff sucked freely on Joan’s nipples and played with her tits. Then began to pump in her pussy. Short and hard at first then long deep humpping. Over and over he drove in and out as she sucked Fred’s uncut cock.

Fred’s cock was a bit thinner but longer than Jeff’s Fred’s balls where bigger. As Joan, my wife sucked and played with Fred, Jeff kept up fucking her. He got her off five times. Each time was hard and sweet. Jeff then sped up. She felt Jeff’s cock swell even bigger. She groaned knowing he was about to cum. And he did. He shot off deep and hard. It felt like a fire hose going off. Shot after shot of hot cum deep in her pussy. Joan’s body begged for it. And her unprotected eggs got it. Joan pulled her head off Fred’s cock and screamed. YES. FILL ME. FUCK ME. Jeff did just that. He dumped his full balls into this married slut. Deep. So deep that she did not drip after. Only on long string of thick cum when he pulled out. Joan’s pussy like drank it. Had sucked Jeff dry.

Jeff was sunk inside Joan. He kissed her deep, his cock starting to go down. But still deeper and thicker than her husband. Jeff broke the Kiss and began to pull out. He thanked her for “taking care of him”. Jeff moved away, Fred moved in. Fred flipped Joan to her belly. Her fine ass in the air. Her pussy was open and wanted more. Even though she had cum five or six times with Jeff. Jeff moved in front of her and she sucked his cum covered cock clean. His balls too.

Fred rubbed himself up and down her pussy lips to her tight ass. His cock head was a bit bigger than Jeff and was leaking. Still Joan did not leak Jeff’s thick cum. Then he drove into her used pussy. He loved seconds. Fred lived for seconds. He drove his brown cock home to to his balls. Then let it rest. Leaking his pre cum inside Joan’s naked pussy. Meanwhile the tape kept recording.

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