A baby for Fran


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With everything that was woman, Fran wanted to conceive a baby, but despite our many tries, my weak semen failed month after month. We began to discuss the idea of one of our close friends impregnating her, or at least making an attempt or two. Maybe you'll get pregnant if we let Jarred try, I murmured as we snuggled in our warm bed...

Fran eyes opened wide and startled, she replied, "but Jarred is black".

I stated "Hon, I know, but everybody knows that we are trying so hard to have a baby, that if you do get pregnant, we'll hide it from everybody. When your time is near we'll go out of state and have it. We'll tell everybody that we are going to an Agency across country to adopt. When we come back we'll explain that we accepted our bi-racial baby due to expediency."

After some days of thought, and I sensed, much heat, Fran stated that she would do it.

Now, what for many weeks had been a delightfully frightening fantasy was about to become a sobering reality. Many nights in bed we had talked about it, "I want to, but what about the emotional upheaval," she whispered, "after it's over and you see me lying there... in our bed and... and flooded with his sperm?"

"I can handle it... we love each other, and it's just to conceive your baby," I said in a consoling tone.

"We could just use anonymous sperm at the clinic," she mused, "and artificially," she added with an inquisitive look.

"Mmm, but the anonymous part is frightening... not knowing the donor genetics," I commented.

"But doing it naturally with Jarred... having him put his penis in me..." she whispered, "isn't that just as frightening?"

"Yeah, but in a very different way," I said, "but what about you, does it frighten you?"

"Well no, I guess not. It's not frightening in the sense of being scared... but my God, how embarrassing. And... Oh God... think how many times it might take."

"How many times do you think," I pondered, as the thought of it happening several times began sinking into my head. There was a long silence while her troubled mind formulated an answer.

"Well of course I could get pregnant the first time, but statistically," she began, "during the cycle, only seven out of a hundred acts of unprotected intercourse result in pregnancy." She was quoting her 'doctor book' and giving me sideways glances, measuring my reactions.

I began to form a mental picture of him tugging down my wife's panties and tumbling her onto her back time after time. An uncontrollable image of them fucking repeatedly drifted into my mind, "Wow, that could be a lot of... well, ah... sessions," I blurted out as I groped for the proper descriptive word.

"Uh-huh, probably," she spoke softly and squeezed my hand.

"Will it excite you?" I probed very cautiously.

There was a long hesitation, she looked for several moments into my eyes and then with a blush she turned away, "uh-huh... probably..." she whispered. Then she glanced sideways at me again, I could read the unspoken question lingering in her eyes... "Can you handle that?"

She then asked, "I've heard that black men have larger penises than whites, is that true?"

I told her that I didn't know but I thought to myself, Jarred has certainly got to be bigger than my skinny 5 inches.

The arrangements were made. Everything was explained to Jarred, He was somewhat surprised but sympathetic and agreeable. He knew that the baby would have a super home. So the date was set and the night arrived.

Now, slowly, hesitantly, she sat on our bed and I could sense her last moment of indecision, but she kicked off her sandals. I think the act of baring her feet was just instinctive because she was breathing heavily and trembling with embarrassment. Nervously she brushed her long blonde hair back, her eyes were flashing back and forth between Jarred, our close friend and me.

"Standup a moment," I whispered, "let me unzip you." She stood and her arms quickly slipped around my neck. She was trembling. Her groin pressed against me as though seeking to protect her little round belly from the imminent invasion of another man's stiff eager penis.

"Oh Rob, it’s a big step..." She was clinging to me, her soft breasts against my chest, "oh God..." she breathed.

"... Want to stop?"

After a long pause, she whispered, "no, let's... let's try..."

But it was an emotional roller coaster, her feelings veering back and forth like an out of control pendulum. She took another hesitant step closer to our bed and then turned, twisting quickly back into my arms again, her face cuddled into the crease of my neck. I could feel the heat of her, the slight trembling. Breathing deeply, I brushed my lips against the hair on the top of her head, "you sure...?" I whispered, as the sweet scent of an hour old shampoo drifted into my flared nostrils.

"Mmmm, she whispered with a deep blush on her face, do my zipper..."

Her lovely warm breasts snuggled against my chest as I reached behind her back, fumbled with the single button at the back of her neck and ran the zipper down. It seemed surreal; here I was, unzipping my wife's dress, preparing her for a fuck with one of my best friends. The room was quiet, just our excited breathing and the sound of her zipper. She felt the cool air on her exposed back. "Oh Rob honey," she panted against my ear. Even after so much planning, it seemed unbelievable... in a few more minutes... they would actually be fucking. I helped her slip out of her dress and panties while Jarred took off his pants. She stood there shaking nervously, her yellow sundress and white underpants pooled around her shapely bare ankles. Stepping out of her clothes, she started to turn her back to Jarred, instinctively trying to hide her bare belly and the soft mossy fluff of golden-brown hair on her pubic bone.

"Un-hook your bra," I whispered as Jarred pushed down the waistband of his boxer shorts. His penis popped out, about 9 inches long, very thick and already standing stiff and swollen with eagerness. It was straining and curving upwards in readiness, the thick uncircumcised head distended and much thicker at the base. His testicles were swollen to the size of large grade “A” eggs and hung down quite a ways, (mine in contrast were hardly the size of small plums and didn't hang at all. I felt a sudden queasiness at the thought of that monster stretching my wife's tight vagina and pressing way up into her belly. Fran glanced at it and froze. Her hands were behind her back fumbling with her bra hooks. Then with a last gasp of blushing embarrassment, she bared her breasts and I helped her onto the bed and turned her on her back. I looked down at her naked long-legged beauty, lovely up-tilted breasts, smooth little belly, and just the top of her seam and a small tuft of curly very light brown pubic hair showing between her clenched thighs.

Jarred looked down at her in awe, "my God, she's lovely...” he gasped as he studied the thin wisps of golden brown hair that disappeared down between her creamy thighs. Her face flamed a thousand shades of red and she tried to cover it with her hand. She lay there for a long moment with her eyes squinted shut as he drank in beauty of my naked wife. She had cupped her hand over her pubic bone, but he could still see the puffy start of her labial crack and curly golden brown hairs straying between her fingers, "so lovely," he murmured again. Jarred moved toward her on the bed. It was an agony to see how damned huge, stiff and hard his penis was and know where he was about to put it. Her face was flush and hot, but she rolled her head away on the pillow and opened her legs. Suddenly there it was before our eyes, the full view of her lightly haired vaginal cleft. It was snug and smooth, her clitoris and thin inner lips almost hidden between the plush labial folds. Nervously she moved her hips, we saw the tiny brownish indent of her anus, and above, a glint of shinny lubricated pink skin. Jarred took a quick breath, his penis seemed to lift higher and stiffen even more. He moved toward her knees and she slowly spread her thighs apart. Then she turned her face, looking up at me with a message in those dreamy blue eyes. We had previously agreed that in deference to her modesty and embarrassment, I would at this point leave them alone to copulate in privacy.

My darling wife was about to fuck with another man and my own penis was three-quarters stiff, but as planned, I turned to leave the bedroom, but she called out, "Rob... don't leave dear... stay with me now..."

A strange bolt of excitement rushed through me, I hadn't thought of seeing it... seeing them actually join their organs and have intercourse. In mini-seconds several surreal thoughts flashed through my head... would I just sit at her side? What will it be like to feel the bed bounce? As they do it... actually fuck, will she look at me and make breathy sounds?

"... you sure?" I asked.

"Mmmm, don't... don't leave me..."

I knelt down and kissed her on the lips and then she gripped my hand and kept holding it as Jarred lowered himself over her. Jarred kissed her breasts, then worked his way down her stomach to between her thighs. He licked and tongued her pussy for quite some time. She drew her knees up toward her breasts when he started to work his way back up. Jarred supported himself above her so that I had the perfect view as he reached down and guided his straining penis into that warm fuzzy place between her thighs. At first it missed the center of her crack, but he skillfully nudged the head over against the gleaming soft wet spot. I leaned over and looked in awe at the head of his penis pressing just above the snug little indentation of her anus. A quick gasp passed her lips, as for the first time, my young wife felt the hot touch of another man's penis. Mine was throbbing hard in my pants and I was shocked at how much I wanted to see this continue. I felt a warm flush wash over me, however it was a strange mix of jealousy, lust, envy and voyeuristic pleasure. I felt my penis straining against my pants while she tipped up her loins and spread her knees.

I had never thought of it this way before, about how thrilling it might be to see him fucking with Fran. Before, their intended joining had always been in the context of procreation. Earlier thoughts of his penis thumping in and out of her were certainly traumatic, but mitigated as a baby-making act. But now my penis was stiffening and I began to mentally chastise myself for even considering my darling wife in that erotic way. But then I heard her whimper and saw her pull her feet back toward her bottom and I stopped myself short realizing that, indeed, she was equally excited.

Now I watched spellbound, as he parted her golden brown pubic hairs with the end of his penis. Much darker than her long sun-bleached blond hair, Fran's lovely cunt is a tawny golden brown. Her plush labial folds splayed apart as he rubbed the swelling head against the moist notch in her groin. I heard a soft sigh and as her knees widened a gleam of pink skin showed through the thin hairs. It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen. The head of his penis was a dark purplish color and I could see the foreskin beginning to draw back as he rubbed it up and down splaying Fran's sweet cuntal crease. His back arched, adding a firm pressure against the little ring of tight skin guarding her opening. I got butterflies knowing that at that very moment his hard cock was sliding into her slick cunt. "Ohhh, ohhh," she moaned and the head slipped in. Her pink flesh parted and inch-by-inch his penis disappeared into the snug slippery sheath leading into the very heart of her belly.

She gave a little gasp at the invasion, but soon she settled down, her hips mirroring every movement of his hips. It began with slow short in and out pushes and a lot of breathy panting. "Uummpphh," she gasped. "Uummpphh... Uummpphh," as the knobby cockhead gained depth. With the probing head completely buried, each stroke spread a gooey crystalline film of vaginal fluids further up along the thick tubular brown shaft. She was lying on her back with her superb, perfectly smooth thighs spread wantonly apart. As I watched she shifted a little, arching up, knees pulled up to her breasts, letting him go deeper.

Soon he was way in, further than any man had ever been... her lifted knees now splayed shamelessly apart, their groins touching... hairs tangling as he rubbed against her pubic arch. My heart sank when it struck me that my wife had accepted over nine inches of cock, almost twice the length of mine and certainly twice, at least, the thickness. Gradually, now using the full length of his penis, he began to take her with longer steady strokes; the throbbing expanded head reaching deep into her vagina. She groaned helplessly as each push levered the broad cock-head high up under her pubic bone, stretching her vaginal membranes, surging and pushing fully upward into her tense belly, only to withdraw and thrust back again and again. Her knuckles are white where she was clutching the white bed sheet, her voice a rising wail. Their undulating movements grew sure and smooth, the bed rocking gently in a rhythm as old as life on earth. His penis was very stiff, the head thick and very swollen, the shaft seemingly growing thicker, but its snug pathway through her twisting vagina was now made easier by a glistening juicy film of female fluids, but with every cunt stretching thrust a panting breathy gasp burst through her lips. It took her breath away, thump, thump, thump... over and over, the head of his penis spreading her mucus flesh and bumping delightfully against that mysterious tender spot hidden deep in her straining stomach. I watched him fucking my wife; I saw her hook her ankles together around his hips and her heels pressed down on his buttocks.

Her dreamy brown eyes met mine," ohhh God...” she gasped

Occasionally he paused, just holding the head of his penis deep up into her clutching tissues. He would lift his weight, letting her toss her hips, lurching up, rubbing the head around in her belly with a hip swiveling movement. Her cries became deep grunts as she lost control. On and on it went, bouncing her up and down on the creaking mattress... a little pause... letting her get a tiny breath. Again and again... but each time it's a little harder. She's was getting tired, her muscles straining, breathe panting... weak from lack of air...

I knelt at her side and she held my hand as they fucked. Thrill after thrill tore through her body. "Oh Goddddd!" Fran sighed, moaning continuously now, gurgling uncontrollably. Saliva was wetting the corners of her mouth and her feet were intermittently bouncing and then slapping down against the back of his hips. The bed was creaking and thumping in time with their churning loins. It was taking a long time, our clutching hands grew sweaty; her sharp nails stung on the back of my wrist. I tried not to look directly, but as he lifted, my eyes wavered catching momentarily glimpses of their connection, her pink flesh clutching his penis, the squishy wetness of her fluids dampening her groin, wetting and darkening the fringe of her pubic hair. Occasionally her brown eyes looked up at me, her face a flaming blush, and then her eyes would clench tightly shut as though trying to deny the clingy wet sucking sound of their genitals rhythmically separating and then re-joining with a soft wet smacking noise. It was almost impossible to tear my eyes away from the sight of her pink vaginal skin, gleaming and stretched grotesquely, like a tight slimy pinkish seal around his thick stroking penis.

Suddenly Jarred stopped and he was gasping for breath. He said he was nearly ready to cum and should he really do it. Both of them were staring at me as I told him to leave it in and release his sperm. He started to move his hips again and her grip on my hand tightened as he quickly reached that frenetic state that foretold his imminent climax.

"Make me pregnant," she whimpered.

In concert with her "oohing" and "aaghing," he was grunting and gasping with the effort and then he gave a great sigh and strained against her. She let out a wailing cry as he arched his back ready to spew his fluid deep into her unprotected belly. Suddenly, as he ejaculated his semen, she dropped my hand and wrapped her arms around his neck. She sucked in a quick deep breath, I saw her spine curve, her toes clench, telltale shivers rippled along her belly and I heard her exhale in a familiar gasping grunting orgasmic groan. The squeal came from somewhere deep in her being,"eeee...eeeee eeehhhh..."

Gradually her straining muscles relaxed and she hung there limp and breathlessly panting as they separated. He withdrew his softening penis and lifted away from her and I watched mesmerized as the stretched little pink mouth of her vagina quickly contracted leaving a little pool of semen visible through the screen of hair. Jarred rolled to one side and his sticky penis flopped against his thigh. The thickness of his weapon was staggering. My eyes locked on the large plum shaped cock-head that had so skillfully just stretched my wife's snug little cunt. Now I knew he had fucked her with his foreskin peeled back, and that the sensitive bulbous head had been naked deep up inside her belly. It seemed so obscene to stare at something that had just been up inside my wife's belly, but I couldn't help but look. The membranes of his foreskin were still striped back and the purple head was still obscenely wet and shiny with my wife's lubricant. The long brown shaft, coated with both of their cum.

Then I looked back down at my little darling, she was still laying on her back, eyes closed, gasping and panting with her superb, perfectly shaped legs spread carelessly apart. Her normally glossy pubic hair was matted and wet with sticky sex fluids. As I watched she shifted a little, and a thin silver thread of sperm slowly slid from between her folds and began to slither down the crease of her bare ass-cheeks onto the bed sheet. I thought it was the single most traumatically exciting thing a husband could ever witness. To actually see a glistening still semi-swollen penis withdrawing from his wife's sticky vagina, and to see, just at the moment of separation, her crease wet and still pinkly gaping apart. I was stunned, but I sat there with a throbbing erection.

When she was at last left alone, I sat by her side, looking down at my beautiful pink-cheeked little darling and watched her gradually regain her breath. My eyes took in her tousled hair, her swollen lips, the deep flush on her cheeks, and the disarray of the wrinkled bed sheets. Reaching for the Kleenex box brought a fresh blush to Fran's cheeks. She tucked a tissue between her thighs and laid her shinny blonde head back against my pillow. She never looked as lovely as she did then. I hugged her and my precious darling wife snuggled her pretty blonde head to my shoulder and sighed contentedly. "Love you darling, I whispered. And that's how we remained for a long while, just savoring the wonderful, blissful aftermath.

She relaxed into a dreamy state, "did you like it?" I whispered.

"Mmm humm, I... I..."

A veil of misty tears welled up in her blue eyes... Her gaze drifted away. I saw her hesitation and then with a soft whisper she continued, "I... I... had an orgasm with him."

"Yes, I know."

"Did that bother you?

"Mmm, just a little," I said as we hugged.

She spent a moment dabbing at her eyes... "Love you sweetheart," she whispered.

Jarred became a monthly visitor. Long after the birth of our son. Long after the birth of our daughter. Well after our 25th anniversary, Jarred was a monthly visitor. It added a whole new meaning to "mommy's monthly visitor." :sex:

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