23 Year old Jack of Spades ;)

Just wanted to say hello
My name is Kris and I'm a 23 year old white male that is addicted to interracial breeding ;)
I love woman and consider myself bisexual but the only men I consider are black men
Others don't turn me on and I have no attraction to play with them

I defiantly consider myself a Jack of Spades
It's basically the male equivalent to the queen of spades
I have temporary tattoos that I like to wear when I'm about to play with a BBC

So far I have only played safe but I really want a black men to breed me with no condom
Its amazing that my bull will be able to breed me as much as he wants and he can't knock me up :p
The idea of his seed dripping out of me is a turn on

I have my own blog that I repost videos and images that turn me on and that I would like to attempt to recreate for myself as a experience and pleasure
Here is the account
Feel free to follow me :)