1st Post of my 50 year old wife.



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.... My wife is at that age where her sex drive is through the roof and i no longer satisfy her .... She's interested in cucking me and has insinuated a black guy would be great. Turned on but terrified.
.....Being apprehensive the first few times is normal. You don't say much about your relationship other than you're not satisfying her in the sheets. Overall, other than sex, how is the relationship? Still doing things together, talking, going out, having mutual friends over, children, etc. I ask this because IF the marriage is under current stress, boredom, or has other issues, THIS is not going to fix the problem and could in fact agitate the problem.
.....It can, however, re-ignite your sexual interest in her; not sure it will do the same for her if it is SHE who is bored with you. I personally never recommend letting her go "out" on dates or spending the night with other men, as more harm than good is often created in the "twilight zone" of your imagination. Do everything together ... set parameters as to what is ok and not ok ... and if it bothers you, be sure you let her know.
.....Good luck, hope its everything the two of you expect ... Mac