10" BBC seeking to Own for sex


ive been a 247 tpe dominant since i was 19. i enjoy walking white sluts on leashes in the parks of new york city
i especially enjoy that being topless is legal here

this site has a lot of 12" guys, never had to feel small before ;)

ive experience with slave training, non vanilla life, 247 use, fucking her in her sleep, training her to suck me off and fuck me in m sleep, and i dont really have any limits.

ive lived and practiced extreme kink all over the world .. contracts.. bondage.. and all that is old hat to me
breeding bores the crap out of me
i never pretend to be vanilla, not even with my parents or at work

less than lifetime is of almost ZERO interest to me [never had casual sex, but did slave train women i dont own three times]

i love multiple orgasms the most.. when a woman has an average of three per day spaced out every single day for years at a time, her whole LIFE is different.. i wanna study that more and for more years.

demiurge on collarme
pandoricide on fetlife