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    WV Single Cuck Wannabe seeking cuck training.

    Looking for a cuck couple or single female willing to train me to be a perfect cuck. Anyone Close to Harrison County, WV interested?
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    Should your wife know you are putting her nudes online?

    Okay. This topic has been pissing me off a bit that there are wannabe cucks and real cucks. The real couples who want it to happen are fine and I have no problem with. The wannabe is the one I have the problem with. The problem is consent like why will you put a picture of your wife online with...
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    I love young pussy
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    Wannabe cuck in Minnesota

    Divorced, 39, white guy. Lonely, bored, and very interested in exploring the lifestyle. I don't particularly care what other people think of me, and I would be proud to support a young woman who is also interested in this lifestyle. I live in the twin cities metro area. I can not relocate, my...
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    What's the next step?

    Hi. New here. My fantasy for years now wanting to share my wife. I dout she ever would as she's quite reserved in the bedroom. But recently I've told her I love it when she's out and men look at her. Turns me on k owing they're thinking dirty things. She didn't say much about it but next tim...
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    Told wife I want to watch her with BBC. Now what?

    So I have had thoughts for a very long time about sharing my wife with a black man. It is by far the most incredible turn I've ever come across. My heart pounds and my dick throbs when I think about it. A bit of background first. My wife is early 30's and very sexy. A curvy brunette with...
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    Well it happened...

    So i am a cuck wannabe. I have talked an ex into trying bbc but she did not want me there. It was exciting and fun, but i am hoping one day to have a girlfriend truly in the lifestyle. Anyway i guess my interest has turned into an addiction as i found myself talking to this gentlemen i met...
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    hotwife wanted in munich

    German guy, 26 years old, wannabe cuckold is searching for his queen! Don' t hesitate to contact me!
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    cuck seeking mistress in WV

    hey i would love to find a mistress to get together with to go find a huge black cock for her to fuck if youre interested or you are already an interracial couple hmu and we can put something together
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    23 y/o white cuck wannabe in east london.

    im a tall athletic white guy, student , 23 years old, living in east london. i'm looking for a white girl who loves bbc and wants to make me watch, and maybe force me to join in. i'm new to this site so sorry i don't have pictures on here yet, will update asap. if there are any girls out there...
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    Wannabe here

    Hi, This is my very first post on this site. I am a wannabe cuckold and I eventually want to get my wife fucked by another guy. She knows about my fantasy and we have role played many times in bed. It looks like it's starting to get her excited and on a few occasions (lately) she has been...