valentine's day

  1. Valentine's Day chocolate

    Valentine's Day chocolate

    YummyHoneyyy was craving some "chocolate" for Valentine's Day, so her man surprised her with me! The full video is now available on my OnlyFans & ManyVids. Links in bio
  2. Marica

    Wishing everyone Valentine's Day 💘 happy 🎉!

    BBC handsome guys: Do you feel like I've made progress again? Love you all 💝
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    This how my wife spent Valentine's Day this year 💘
  4. WhichDressAndLingerie.jpeg


    Help: red dress and thong or pink dress and lingerie for Valentine’s night? ❤️💗
  5. HappyVDayPart2.jpeg


    Couldn’t forget a pic of some chocolate… um, the actual chocolate this time. Thanks @Stag2franki ❤️❤️
  6. HappyVDay.jpeg


    @Stag2franki I ❤️ spending Valentine’s Day with you!! @BlackForWives Thanks for the V-day chat! Best of both worlds for me … but maybe I deserve it! 😉
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  8. Valentine’s Day video

    Valentine’s Day video

    Hope all ladies enjoy my valentines gift yesterday who’s going to be little valentine next year?
  9. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day

  11. Teaser: "Hearts & Spades" (Jamie Wolf + Chyna Darling)

    Teaser: "Hearts & Spades" (Jamie Wolf + Chyna Darling)

    Dressed in salaciously appropriate attire, the salaciously inked Chyna Darling receives the piercing of a lifetime from Jamie Wolf and his 9 Inch arrow! Hold your loved one close and enjoy this Valentine's Day mASSacre!
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    Thinking about all the fun I had last night..,❤️💋🍫
  13. plumpywife

    Spending Valentines Day with my bull

    I'm excited because this is the first time I'm spending Valentines Day with somebody else other than my husband. Hubby booked a hotel room for me and our bull, bought us flowers, chocolate, champagne and a gift for the bull and me. He's staying home of course but he helped me plan the evening...
  14. surfer218756

    Valentines Day Gift Ideas

    Looking for some more gift ideas for the wife this valentines day. We're still in the roll play stages and she's not interested in a surprise sex ambush. We're gonna do the typical dinner with flowers and candy but I also want to get her a gift. My first idea was to find a local black male...
  15. SecretPlayWife's Valentine

    SecretPlayWife's Valentine

    My favorite flavors of chocolate :)
  16. Valentine’s Curve lol

    Valentine’s Curve lol

  17. Have a good one

    Have a good one

    Any local ladies that want a BBC today hmu
  18. Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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    Happy Valentine's day ❤ Thank you so much for all the presents! Private photos/video coming tonight to all my sweethearts that sent to me. I have the best fans and I am extremely blessed.
  20. F

    Valentine's days with her Bulls

    I proposed my wife a challenge for Valentines day : spend morning with one lover, spend afternoon with one other lovers and finally have Valentines dinner with her bull ... when coming back home, provided she will send me pictures during the day (her kissing her lovers, naked in bed at hotel...