size matters

  1. S

    Caption request size matters

    Since me and the girls enjoying the new picture so much, we would love to see a few captions since I don‘t know how to do it:( Also feel free to use the picture, it always turn me on finding my husband google for new pictures😊
  2. Looking for BBC

    Looking for BBC

  3. Behold



    Late night stroking
  5. Just before my pussy was claimed by bbc

    Just before my pussy was claimed by bbc

  6. darklight

    Size preferences changing over time?

    Regardless of your starting physical size preference, and tolerance for larger cock without too much discomfort, has your size preference gotten larger over time, or your comfort with larger sizes? Has your physical pleasure from or enjoyment of smaller or more average sizes decreased...
  7. Need some fun

    Need some fun

  8. Thick Dick Thursday

    Thick Dick Thursday

    Like thick ones?
  9. J

    Jessica: Blacked

  10. C

    15 yrs in the lifestyle we saw this coming ;)

    Well that escalated quickly that's why I only meet in person and we left socmeds can't have fun anymore with people ruining it!!
  11. Queens_Delight

    What is a BBC?

    what is a BBC? Queen’s Delight was recently asked what she considered “big”. It’s a fair question! We get a lot of email from perfectly nice guys who just don’t measure up. To be clear, MOST men don’t measure up! She’s a true black-only Sizequeen. This is what she had to say about it, I...
  12. size matters.jpg

    size matters.jpg

    I know I have said that size can be a non issue if youre a great cocksman and have technique galore in your whole sex game.....but if you have size and you are a great cocksman like Adonis was its heaven. He would tease my pussy with a 1/3 of his dick then each pump add a little more until full. Wow
  13. Wet black cock

    Wet black cock

    Wonder why it’s so shiny
  14. Thick enough?

    Thick enough?

    Over 6inches around and not exactly fully hard lol is this girthy enough ?
  15. Does size matter?  Wives and gf's answer

    Does size matter? Wives and gf's answer

  16. 518D5639-20E1-41B3-9C07-2B00A176C1AB.jpeg


  17. Big as a can

    Big as a can

  18. No real BBC available.JPG

    No real BBC available.JPG

    If no real BBC is available better a BBC dildo than cucky's thingy...size matters
  19. P

    Does size matter? (girls only)

    I personally have a 6.5 inch cock and wondering if i have a decent size and seeing the opionion of women. I know some are gonna be like its the motion of the ocean, just awnser the damn question lol.
  20. “You have to be bigger than Nine”

    “You have to be bigger than Nine”

    She kept saying how deep I was in her pussy