size matters

  1. Teencuck95


    Male : 22 , white, beta, 5inches Female : 26 , 5ft tall, thicc, fat ass From Los Angeles, CA, looking for a hung man around our age to hang out with and get to know Must be : HUNG, ALPHA, DOMINANT Message us with pictures and we will send ours
  2. tristan_dirden

    Of course size matters

    Why did I get curious about black cock?? Well, when I first saw interracial porn my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Even as a white guy I got turned on by the size of the black cocks. I think that it was the idea of those cocks eliciting such a powerful sexual response from the women... they...
  3. LVS

    Perfect size

    ladies, what's the perfect size? 6+? More? What's the biggest difference for you?
  4. mywayintermsofsex

    Reblog if...

    Does anyone dare to post this on another site (Twitter, FB, vk, Instagram, tumblr, etc.)? If so, show us by posting a link to it! ;)
  5. LUCYH

    new pics for dicks

  6. showingmyslut2

    Wife's New Shirt

    What do youbthink of the Mrs's new shirt? Heres the link to where we got it from, since I know you're gonna ask