sex toys

  1. Lonskee123

    Do sex toys even exist?

    Do people still use sex toys like vibrators and dildos ?
  2. H

    I am so horny

    I am so horny, what would you like to do to me?
  3. H

    So Horny

    I am so fucking horny.
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    I love my toys!
  6. L

    BBC cock sleeve

    I’m looking for a cock sleeve to get for hubby. I’m after a realistic feel sleeve that’s big (not huge) and heavily veined and one that is thick enough that he gets limited stimulation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx
  7. Eldorado

    always UP for an adventure

    Finally at a place in life where I can enjoy myself, satisfy a curiosity or two, chill with others like minded, and know healthy happy people can be FWB or just have a NSA regular thing. MA/NH area. 5'11" 165lb slim/athletic, executive, outgoing, witty/sarcastic/smart, ...U-B-2
  8. SeduceMyGirlKzoo

    Ladies: Favorite Toy?

    I want to get my wife a new vibe for X-Mas. I don't want to get a King Kong dong and scare the hell out of her before I can even get her into the lifestyle, so BBC dildos likely won't happen. In the past she's preferred the standard (stick) vibrators. I was leaning toward rabbit or one of...

    Authentic OhMBod NEX2 Blue Motion Couples Vibe Bluetooth iPhone/Android

    My husband bought me this intense and very innovative pussy,clit and G-spot massager to carry it with me and wear it when I go alone to meet other black men to fuck either in town or out of town. It is called "Club Vibe 2.OH OhMBod NEX2 Blue Motion" which is an award winning and revolutionary...
  10. kinkycuckold

    Looking for big cocks to milk in Tampa

    I have the big raging bull milking machine If you have the big cock Located in Tampa lets have some fun!