1. Bear77ar


    I know this is a site dedicated to cuckoldry, but I'm curious. How many of you opt for a more emotionally healthy poly lifestyle? A lifestyle built on mutual love and respect? Don't get me wrong, I find the cuck stories very erotic and entertaining. I just wonder how many try to attain a...
  2. Vile311

    SLC Utah Couple Looking for BBC

    Wife and I are looking to find a good looking black man to come join us. We aren't looking for hard alpha's as we aren't into the whole cuckold thing. We just wanna find someone sensual, fun, and respectful. She has been using larger dildos for a while and I would love to surprise her with a...
  3. chillbbc951

    cali bbc looking to travel

    I have a week off coming up and would love to travel to some close states and meet some real genuine people. Willing to meet serious couples or woman ? I am in California southern California to be exact near Temecula. If u are local and within 45 min driving let chat. Otherwise any out of town...
  4. chillbbc951

    California bbc

    Hello david here from southern California. Loving the cali life everyday. Just wanted to say hello. Some might remember me i was david johnson on here before but somehow lost access to my profile. Just wanted to say hello and i am back looking for some adult fun with real member's! !! Lets meet...
  5. B

    Hung 11 inch Orlando Bull

    Pretty self explanitory id say... haha Very well endowed length and gurth with almost too much stamina to last! Straight but willing to play black master over cuckolding couple. Contact at bassicalchemy at g male