1. A

    Real emotions BEFORE the arrangement

    Im so tired of those “cuck” movies that arent real amateurs, but just badly directed porn, that always go from the bar and directly to fucking in 30 secs. Where are the movies that show the couple in the bar being anxious, undecided, the wife making eye contact with the black dude, the talk...
  2. CrazyWhiteGirl

    I finally dared to actually tell my cuck to ask his black boss to fuck me. I will update.

    Well, as you can imagine my boyfriend is a vanilla white cuck like many others. He doesn't enjoy it as such, not too much, sometimes yes, it was my idea at the beginning, not his, you get me. When he accepted this, one of the few conditions I accepted was that he set 5 vetoes that he could...
  3. W

    Changing Wife's Mind

  4. L

    What happens when...?

    I’m curious to know what you all think. For me I’ve experienced all but one of the 4 options.
  5. Carl Franklin

    Need Help to Convince GF

    maybe you could set up an interview with a black guy