1. Mr MiracleBBC

    Stroking My BBC

    Sitting here stroking my BBC thinking about how I would love to watch a cuck and his slut wife sucking my big black cock and balls. Post photos of your tiny inferior cuck and wife for me to continue stroking off to
  2. Whitebetasub

    Question for the bulls in the bisexual forum here.

    Do any of you bbc bulls act out any race play scenarios with the cuck hubby and hotwife? I mean, do you tell them things like, "yeah, that's right white boy, this is what you get for all those years acting like you're superior! Who's superior now?!! Answer me you small dick white bitch!!" If...
  3. M

    Asian Boyfriend & White Girlfriend

    Hello :) I want to show off my 22 years old cute girlfriend (I'm 27) We are from Brazil and I never tried cuckold before. She doesn't know yet and I'm really desperate to make it work someday... Also.. she's not into black guys... so I need some advices! I mentioned once I wanted to buy a...