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public play

  1. Public Laundry Room

    Public Laundry Room

  2. D

    Wife's first time BLACKED

    This is the story of our first time in a swingers club and the first time she had black cock. Long story sorry. We have always been pretty kinky and experimental in our sex life but the time had come to try a swingers club. It was mainly for having sex in front of strangers. Id done research...
  3. James421

    Fucking your bull in public.

    We all have those moments when we're in public and we think "Damn, I wanna fuck here" What would you do to accomplish this, have you accomplished it before? How has it gone?
  4. Fast BBC servicing in elevator

    Fast BBC servicing in elevator

  5. Creamysweet


    Public Slut
  6. LeeandJen

    Public Play with a Bull

    Do you enjoy playing in pubic with your bull? I want to share an early experience that helped cement the belief that this is the lifestyle I wanted. Lee set up a date with a a guy that we had been with a couple of times, nothing exceptional except for the meeting place. They chose a pub where I...