1. swlana

    Tag - Queen of Spades on the body. (I will make fakes)

    Do you like BBC, but do not wear a tag on your body? I will make a tattoo on the body of slut. To get a good result the of the photo must be of good quality. For privacy, write in a personal. In the message, specify the QoS.
  2. digitalconfetti

    Any studs want to be photoshopped with a slutty crossdresser?

    Hey everyone! So I'm trying something new with my cross-dressing kink. I'm photoshopping strong Black men into my pictures! Any volunteers?
  3. ItsZiiip

    [Offer] Doing captions for you

    Hello. I can do captions for you. For some reference this is my tumblr. If you want to post the pics to over 12k followers I would be happy to do so but I won't post them if you don't want it. Just message me or post the pics here. I'm looking forward to your requests!
  4. Nicol

    wife for fakes

    wife 45 to fake her
  5. G

    Big booty slut ..

  6. D

    Plz shop my gf

    She has been talking w/ me about craving BBC for so long now...
  7. JakeSanchez

    Photoshop artist absent too long..

    Hello everybody, I know I know, I'm not new, but I have been away for almost 2 years and I feel like I'm new here all over again. Now that I am back, I am starting to offer my professional photoshop 'fakes' services to those whom have serious inquires once again. PM me for more details and...
  8. Stacy Wowww

    Turn Sexy Blonde GF to BBC Slut

    My BF and I would love it if someone could fake me and caption me taking black cock and being a bbc slut22 by Stacy Wowww posted Oct 10, 2017 at 5:19 AM11 by Stacy Wowww posted Oct 10, 2017 at 5:18 AM12 by Stacy Wowww posted Oct 10, 2017 at 5:18 AM21 by Stacy Wowww posted Oct 10, 2017 at 5:19...
  9. jcajk

    Please photohop wife, easy templates provided

    Please photoshop wife
  10. U

    Fake DVD Covers

    Does anyone else still do these?
  11. R

    Photoshop my wife into hardcore porn gifs

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was someone who could photoshop my girls face into porn gifs. Thanks! -ryan
  12. J

    Photoshop or tribute me

    Hope you can do something with this guys hehee!
  13. R

    Photoshop redhead gf?

    Anyone want to show my gf how good she'll look with a bbc in her? She needs a bbc in her mouth and pussy
  14. Mywife82

    Caption, tribute or fake my wife please!

    Would love to to see some cum tributes, captions or photoshopped pics with my wife and bbc's!! Thanks!
  15. M

    Let me "fake" your photos.

    Hello, I just took an interest in photoshopping pics. I did my first one last night. While I am not a pro at it, if you can post some good and clear pics, I will do my best to "fake" them. No promises though, I may not be able to every pic, depending on the quality. Or you can pm me, trust me, I...
  16. Montano

    Montano's Photoshop Thread

    I'm starting this to post pics I did that don't have a thread of their own. You can post pics here that you want me to work on.