1. J

    Any story writers/photo editors?

    We’re looking for someone to help us with making a story around my fiancé? She has a very niche kink for it so Dm us
  2. E

    Fake my wife

    Can someone please Black my girl? Would love to see her taking a nice BBC in multiple ways. More than one BBC is a plus! Thank you!
  3. S

    Photoshop request

    Would anyone be willing to photoshop this beautiful image with a bbc?
  4. O

    My photoshop BBC to Butt pics

    Like to To do PS pics of BBC and my butt…..happy To help!
  5. E

    Deepfake, bimbofy, cumshop, webm, trans edit, etc…

    Hello all! I’m in search of your talented wizards that are good at fakes. Looking for anything listed in the title. Can’t wait to see what you all are able to do! Thanks in advance!
  6. O

    Can someone deepfake my wife with bbc

    I’m looking for bbc doggystyle, bbc handjob or even blowjobs. Whatever you can think of. Fill her up with bbc and surprise me. Always wanted to know what she would look like next to a bbc bull.
  7. S

    Newbie here with a new obsession

    Hey y'all I'm a newbie here and I've recently become abit obsessed with photoshopping my wife with a BBC .. does anyone know where I can find better quality BBC here's a couple I've done
  8. U

    Deepfake with bbc

    10000% must be the person who is wanting to be deepfakes or have permission ie wife girlfriend! I can place you in any fantasy you want! Bbc gangbang whatever you like, to have this you must PM me
  9. G

    Looking for BBC pngs for photoshop

    Looking for any and all resource images to photoshop big black cocks and studs into pictures
  10. zsbala

    My photoshops DM to have me do yours

    I have been making photoshop edits for cucks and many other request. I mainly can edit faces onto porn pics. DM me the pics you’d like me to make for you!;) PS: a little reward if you like photos is always welcome
  11. W


    Does anyone know if there is a free or cheap app/ program that can allow me to place my wife’s face onto porn pics? Sorry if it sounds dumb or so simple, but I’m looking at putting her face onto bbc porn.
  12. PDX333

    XXXtra Big BBC (photoshops/edits)

    Porn is already filled with massive Black cocks, why not go a step further and add some awe to the uh….shock and awe….
  13. Blackdream69

    Fake my gf, tribute my gf, photoshop

    Fake my girlfriend with a huge BBC please!
  14. directclick

    Can someone fake or cum tribute my asian wife being gangbang so I can show her?

    Really looking for some good fake/cum tributes to show my wife, love her shocking expression. **UPDATE 2023...added VIDEO COLLAGE PLEASE CHECK AND SEND SOME TRIBS.
  15. N

    Anybody faked

    Im make pretty good fakes, and as of right now i have free time for the foreseeable future. I dont charge, and i dont save pictures. I work through Kik because its much simpler to do so. Anybody thats interested please pm me. Sample video of what i can do.
  16. fakeray

    Photoshop Fakes and Video DEEP FAKES (Open for requests)

    Hey guys Just gonna post some of my fakes:
  17. N

    Fakes for Ceevee

    Requested by Ceevee, hope you like them. Will do more when i get the time
  18. wannabe cuckold

    Another fake project done

    Hotwives Photoshop. In this thread i will post all my fake photos.Feel free to tell me your opinion.Negative or positive.I ll try to improve my work .Thank you for watching
  19. nicoleta

    The power of the mind stronger than diamond

    Do you think the power of the mind can destroy any racist and moral barriers?Offer your talents in photoshop without limits and the more orgasms there will be, the fantasies fulfilled will disappear and the frustration of those who complain that on this forum do not find real people. It doesn't...
  20. bbclover2003

    Photoshopped girls