1. full avatar.jpeg

    full avatar.jpeg

    I had to crop out some of my photography work on my avatar.
  2. MissAmyAndMrR

    UK, any females want someone to film?

    Is there any females, who would like a video/audio guy for BBC meets? I’m a straight 32 year old lad. A family man. So basically my fiancée, Ms Amy is now out of action until well into next year, unable to meet anymore for a considerable time. Bit of a bummer. We’re happily engaged and together...
  3. HMG_1897A.jpg


    photosesion of Helen
  4. Atlanta hotwife

    Atlanta hotwife

  5. D'Vante Mines for Bitcoin

    D'Vante Mines for Bitcoin

    Wilmington photographer pull
  6. Bigworm1221

    Late 20s bull/chef in Htx

    Private Chef and Bull. I’m very passionate about food, but that same passion can be applied in the bedroom as well. I mostly stay to myself (or in my kitchen, so tell msg me and tell me how you like your eggs, fried or fertilized?) Part- time vegan, photographer, & just a multitalented chillaxer...

    Erotic Photographer in Bavaria, Germany

    Hey everyone! Who are we? We are Lion & Lioness. An interracial couple from Germany, who love to travel and create art. Lion is an Erotic Photographer, & BBC from the Caribbean. Passionate about his art, and capturing the beauty and emotion of sex. Lioness is a beautifully curvy, petite Erotic...
  8. C

    Wife photographer surprise

    My wife and I have been talking a lot recently about her trying a bbc, but she can't seem to get over the top and actually go for it. I've come up with idea based on something she told me recently and would love to implement this, but need help. She is wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot for me...
  9. just the tip...

    just the tip...

  10. White girl cheated on bf with photographer

    White girl cheated on bf with photographer

  11. BaronFurMuncher

    Hello, All....

    My name is Phil Roberts, and I am here looking for subject matter for my photography. As my work entails nudity, erotic posing, and even some pornagraphic material, I seek females and couples who are NOT afraid of the camera to work with. Right now, I am also concentrating on my "bucket"...