Hello, All....

My name is Phil Roberts, and I am here looking for subject matter for my photography. As my work entails nudity, erotic posing, and even some pornagraphic material, I seek females and couples who are NOT afraid of the camera to work with. Right now, I am also concentrating on my "bucket" photographs, and will explain what that will entail to those interested in helping me out with this project. Know that first and foremost, I've been working in photography now for the better part of 50+ years, that I've been a Combat photographer in the Air Force during the 'Nam years, and I take photography as serious as it can be.....so this is NOT a matter of a GWC situation, but an honest attempt to break into the Art community as an Erotic photographer, the level of which can be considered at a Adams or a Maplethorpe......but, more on that later. I just hope the website here will allow me the chance to meetup with people of my same mindset, and hopefully, will allow me to get this taken care of!!! So, stop by and say hello!!!