1. BlackJaguar007

    What is the role of the Bull in a relationship

    What do you think is the role of the Bull in any relationship if it's marriage , bf / gf , divorced, FWB, NSA what ever the type of the relationship?
  2. Worldie

    Size queen question...(comparison)

    Size queens are made from experience right? Need some opinions... My partner (F25) & I (M28) met our first bull very recently and I had zero idea she wanted someone so...HUNG. She had the freedom to choose whoever she wanted and I'm sure she had plenty of attention, yet she opted him, age 44...
  3. JemmaNye&Herbi

    Would you settle for a single hotwife/bull/cuckold couple during this pandemic?

    Mostly hypothetical question, to see how most people feel about this. We've played a bit when the an FWB was trustworthy enough and risks were carefully assessed and mitigated, but stats are definitely going the wrong direction where we live. Wondering how everyone else is doing...
  4. Snowbunny1999


    Hy to everyone. There are people who have the opinion it's racism to have a obsession for black guys and their cocks. A sexual racism. I think we all know better... I asked these people how it can be, that i love black men, and at the same time beeing a racist. But i did not get any clear...
  5. mywayintermsofsex

    What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men and Why?

    i guess, many in this forum would say "All" Women should have sex with Black men. But ImO women who pre-exclude Black men from having sex with just because they are black do not even deserve to have sex with them. (Likewise, i feel like non-black men who say "Once you go black we won`t take you...