What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men and Why?

What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men?

  • Black Women

  • Myself (I am a Woman), OR own Wife or Girlfriend (i am a man)

  • Desi or arab Women

  • Female family members

  • Latino Women

  • Female friends

  • Asian Women

  • Female celebrities

  • Women commonly perceived as beautiful

  • white Women

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i guess, many in this forum would say "All" Women should have sex with Black men.

But ImO women who pre-exclude Black men from having sex with just because they are black do not even deserve to have sex with them. (Likewise, i feel like non-black men who say "Once you go black we won`t take you back" do not deserve to have sex with a woman at all!)

Also the question is directed at all folks, no matter male or female, non-black or black, and meant as a two-part as follows:

1. "What Women do you prefer to have sex with Black men (before all others)?"
2. "Why?"

Even if you think that all Women should experience some black-sexing there are probably some that you feel deserve it more than others. (For instance, some may say white Women are more deserving than non-whites, or younger Women deserve it more than older Women or vice versa, or female friends deserve it more than strangers, etc.)

Please, also try to give your reason why in your opinion the Woman or Women you mention deserve it most. Thank you.


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For convenience and to make the thread a bit more interesting i have added a poll.

You may select up to two different items.
The voter will be disclosed to others and the answers cannot be viewed without voting.
This poll is for everyone, Women, men, black, white or other.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide more than ten choices. If there is a good answer missing in your opinion, just post it to the thread instead. Please, also give a reason for your choice(s)!

Thanks in advance for your participation.