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  1. stayjaymac

    Age helps

    As we all know, women become more curious and sexually adventurous as they age, whether from dissatisfaction with their normal sex lives or just nature. In white women this manifests as being more open & receptive to the black cocks that they were too scared of/conditioned to reject in their...
  2. G

    Older Couple,wife blackened years ago before marriage , but away from lifestyle

    We are an older couple in our 60's. Fifteen years ago long before we were married, my wife had a long term relationship with a black man. I recently just found out about this a few weeks ago. Her telling me it was the best sex she ever had, I immediately bought her a real looking black...
  3. J

    Young couple looking for BBC in DFW

    We are both 25 years old and are looking for an older black male to join. She's smoking hot and I know for a fact you will feel the same. Young tight body. 5'3" 110 lbs. nice fat ass and C's. Both of our fantasy's. Nothing gay. We are both straight and want a threesome with a bbc. Anything goes...
  4. M

    caption and photoshop my beautiful GF

    Please give it a try and show her your dirtiest skills guys
  5. Roxy Royce

    Verified Roxy Royce MILF- Verification

    Ok, time to get legitimate and be "Verified" so I can fulfill one of my 2016 New Year resolutions. The photos were taken this morning at home by my husband and I'm hoping to be one of your more popular ladies before too long. These photos are confidential since they are for B2W administrators...