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  1. T

    50 and Older Women Sexy Content

    Where are all of our sex 50+ women up here? Show us what you've got! Whether its a sexy picture, cleaning in a bathrobe, or just taking bbc, we want to see!
  2. programmed2plz

    Wild Vacation Encounters and Fantasies

    Good evening everyone, Hope everyone is doing well this week. It's been a while. I sometimes hear about some wild vacation encounters and fantasies either online or conversing with friends and acquaintances. It sounds exciting and lately while booking for my vacation trips this year, I now want...
  3. programmed2plz

    Advice on how to interact with hotwives and their respectable husbands (40+)

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this lifestyle, started last summer with a couple around my age (20s). However, for a while I always wanted to date older women, which I started to do since last Fall, but I've never interacted with an older couple, especially a hotwife and her husband in this...
  4. Riding and sucking young BBC

    Riding and sucking young BBC

    Josie loved this young dominant black bull
  5. M

    Thought id introduced myself

    My names Mike, im 25 and im pretty new here. Im looking to chat with older white women. Ive loved older women since day one. i love Milfs, Mature women, but my favorite has to be Married older women. Just the thought of a sex depraved older women wanting my big black cock gets me so hard...
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  7. Sydneybbc

    Any mature ladies over 55 looking to chat or meet?

    Ladies I have a desire to experience an older lady. Would love to discuss experiences. Available to travel. Just putting out feelers.