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  • Herein is The New Years Eve of 2017 kick in the head. Had the world followed the black man long ago, we would have all entered the promise land sooner. But I guess others like a 40 year stroll that would have normally been just an 11 day journey as Israel had to make.
    Please be careful this New Years. I can't think of losing not one of you, You are too important. I hope you know this. We have much to do yet this world is listening. So let's go all the way. Happy New Years. Camp it at a hotel with a casino and all the trimmings. It will be cold so keep warm. Now I know you know how to do that.
    When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people. Those who let it happen (like sex-parenthesis mine) -those who make it happen (like sex-parenthesis, again, mine) and those who wonder: what happened?-John Richardson,Jr
    I am studying integrity in school and how that word is used in different aspects of society as well as academically . The definition so astounded me in many ways I hope you don't mind I wanted to share it with you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    What is integrity?
    According to The American Heritage Dictionary, one definition of integrity is the quality or condition of
    being whole or undivided; completeness.
    — Houghton Mifflin Company (as cited in Farlex, 2011)
    If you are in a building, you want to have structural integrity when the wind blows and the earth shakes.
    You want your data to have integrity—to be consistent and free from corruption—if you depend on
    Where there is selfish ambition.Where there is envy. Confusion and every evil thing come in. So be content. Now-we are on-the same page.
    When a female lion knows she is slowing the pride down- she remains behind so they can move on. The tribe is then in complete unity.
    Wish me luck. You have my prayers till the day I die. May be around on occasions. Never know. Hope you all find what you are looking for.
    Mr Bull. Ms. Janis. I hope you accept our-offer? I enrolled in school-business administration. So for all my trailblazers. Thanks4URcourage.
    To yo MMJJ -We love all of you-and forgive for offending any. I have a whacky sense of humor-love is all that matters.
    Thanks for letting me show you-my jealous side-my angry side-all my not so pretty sides. Can't do that openly for those I don't love-No?
    For my King-Master DSoul And his newly appointed understudy Master Pooza As well as His Great Councilor The Majestic Saint
    For my King-Master DSoul And his newly appointed understudy Master Al Pooza As well as His Great Councilor The Majestic Saint
    Thank you .You are all my pride and joy. Has anyone ever had a fantasy carried out in another country? Which was the hottest and is it the hottest period?
    James VanHouten
    James VanHouten
    I`am in love with you, and I get the last word on that.
    Ester Paige
    Ester Paige
    You and Ms Janis give me a warm feeling inside. Thank you. It is a cold world out there.Please pardon my stubborness- and thanks for being there. I have a lot to learn-Like respect. Anyhoo, I have a very important favor to ask-of you and Ms. Janis-though I need to speak privately.
    Ester Paige
    Ester Paige
    Merry Christmas Black Bull. I hope you don't mind my sass. I -do have an amazing pussy my brothers say. Of course, they do make us white women feel like queens-don't they?
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