1. Mikewilli

    Chi-town Hijabi Cougars

    Met a hijabi mom on IG going through a divorce. We talked for a couple weeks and I end up Inviting her to dinner in Oakbrook. We had dinner, and I could tell she was horny AF. Her nipples were poking through her blouse throughout dinner. We walk out and I ask her to chill in the car with me...
  2. J

    Can an Arab/Indian/Iranian etc. girl get blacked?

    Hi, this is my first post here. I don't have a clear answer to this and I'm not trying to ******* my view on anyone I'm just trying to facilitate discussion. I have seen a lot of posts lately where the pro-interracial sex people do not make a difference between North African (Arab) and...
  3. M

    Muslim Guys White Girls - Sex Fest

    I was inspired by a thread I saw on here about Muslim guys and White “Christian” women…and it got me thinking about arranging an event for White woman wanting to get together with Muslim guys? This will take place in London or another cosmopolitan city at a private venue and it’ll be an...
  4. D


    Hi, i am Muslim guy from Middle east who is looking for Christian Women or couples from Europe who is into Cuckolding (Preferred from Sweden,Norway,Poland,Germany) who has craving for Dominant Muslim Men. I am experienced in Cuckolding and Domination. I am tall, dark skin with muscular...
  5. Bwc234

    Turkish muslim wife tits for BBC

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing fine ! We’ve been back recently and we tried a few things with shanimeh ! Here’s a video of her trying and showing her tits piercings She’d love to have Monster BBC sucking on her nipples so here’s her little present for y’all BBC 😅 Enjoy the video 😁
  6. Arkansas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year🥳🥳🥳

  7. Bwc234

    Muslim wife moving her hips

    A bit of an old vid that Shanimeh made herself dancing in her tight dress right before we went to a wedding ! And as you can see, she can move her hips ! Enjoy y’all 😋
  8. Bwc234

    Muslim wife showing her ass for BBC

    Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing great ! Shanimeh was a bit sick lately…but she’s slowly recovering ! But even sickness can’t stop my beautiful queen to show her delicious ass Lil late Xmas gift for y’all BBC, Enjoy 😋
  9. Bwc234

    Muslim wife in Leather clothes

    Hey guys, hope that everyone is doing fine and safe ! 😁 Here’s some short vids of my beautiful Shanimeh moving her body and hips in leathers clothes. She loves dancing ! enjoy 😋 Oh and btw people, what do you think about leather clothes on women in general ? 🤔
  10. D

    Trying to Find the Videos For this Arab BBC Cuckold?

    Hey guys I’ve been searching for months for the video of this Arab lady getting fucked by a bbc black guy in front of her husband. If anyone has access to these videos please lmk. A name would also suffice.
  11. Chrisusa1776

    BBC in Dubai Dec 3 to 11, 2023

    I'm a professional, athletic, American BBC looking for wives, girlfriends or single women that need a hard fucking. I'm discreet and drama free. I'll be in town in Dubai from Dec 3 to 11, 2023. Direct message me if interested.
  12. Bwc234

    Curvy wifey

    hey guys, hope everyone is fine, we’ve been to a wedding last week and here’s a pic of me and Shanimeh (she didn’t wanted to put her hijab on..) She was wearing as you can see a tight leather skirt revealing her shapes and hips 😋
  13. Bwc234

    Turkish Muslim wife tits for BBC

    Here’s some highlights of my beautiful wife’s tits, I’d love to see one day, some BBC thick cum on them… enjoy 😁
  14. Bwc234

    Anyone that could help ?

    Hey Guy, Hope everyone is doing fine 😁 In case if some of you missed, we’re a Turkish Muslim couple and happily married and it’s been a few months since we took a step into this type of lifestyle. Unfortunately since we’re living in Turkey there isn’t any black mens ☹️ Me and my wife wanted...
  15. MinoucheMinouc

    New Arab Cuckold

  16. Bwc234

    Recent pictures

    Here’s new pics of my queen Shanimeh. In these ones she doesn’t wear her hijab. Enjoy 😁
  17. Bwc234

    Muslim Wifey’s tits

    Hey everyone ! Hope you’re all doing good 😁 Just a simple post with pics of my wife tits, enjoy and pm me if you want to discuss anything 😋
  18. Bwc234

    Wifey needs

    Hey people, hope you’re all doing fine 😁 I wanted to discuss something with you, is there any solution that can calm down my wife needs ? It’s been like 2 months that we’ve chosen this lifestyle but yet we still didn’t found any black bull. I think the main reason being that we live in turkey...
  19. Bwc234

    Trying to find a bull

  20. Bwc234

    My young Turkish wife