1. I need a single or hotwife to clean up this mess for me!

    I need a single or hotwife to clean up this mess for me!

    How would you clean up this mess? Please help me!
  2. AlphaStag0047

    Not new to the site but a new me

    Hello all , I hope everyone is having a good day. Ive been on this site awhile but have a different standpoint now as I'd rather cuck than bull. My other account which I will stop using is LatinBrownBull .Anyways I hope to keep & make new friends as well as search for a lovely hot vixen to be...
  3. C

    San Jose /santa Clara South Bay Area

    Super new here still figuring out the forums, but South Bay Area let’s meet and chat!
  4. H


  5. ThroatTaker247

    9.5 BBC in north Jersey looking for a white female to make content with

    I WANT TO STREAM / LIVE BROADCAST / ONLYFANS / CAM4 with a sexy white female. I love getting throated. I can for hoursss.I'm in the north jersey area but willing to travel or host. 9.5 6'1 Lightskin male. Check my media. I'm real and chill.
  6. Masterplan561

    Dom/bbc bull looking for women in south florida

    Hello, I’m a 32yo single, handsome, experienced and well endowed gentleman from south florida. I also have friends that are women if you’re a couple and interested in playing together. ******* and disease free. Looking to satisfy and please thick florida women. Follow me or inbox me for more info.
  7. KingbbcLA

    BBC in Los Angeles - Hosting until Friday! 😋

    Got a cozy loft spot in LA until Friday, where the snow bunnies at :p
  8. MidwestMystery

    Chatting without meeting

    I'm curious how fellow BBC feel about women who want to chat but not meet. Do you chat with women and/or couples that only want online only? I personally love to chat, but must have the opportunity to possibly meet one day. Women/couples .... what keeps you from wanting to actually meet in person?
  9. mastodon

    Your opinions on pillow talk

    Gotta ask, what do you like in post session pillow talk? or do some of you prefer to skip rapport altogether for a thank you ma'am quick bounce and scram 🤦‍♂️ I've heard interesting perspectives from some peers but for me personally no couples felt I overstayed my welcome
  10. J

    U.K bull looking for couples to meet 🌟

    30+ British bull here looking for U.K based couples to meet! I'm based in the Midlands but work all over the country so travelling isn't an issue here! 9+ inches to play with and not shy about using them all
  11. 67B8E095-FA89-42B4-A8EE-3E14DEC1BD23.jpeg


  12. 4hernyc

    Anybody here out in NYC AVE A Friday 4/15/22

    We were out Friday evening and we stopped at a few bars on Ave A in NYC. Looking for a new bar to chill and waiting to meet a friend. We were talking to a black guy basically the whole time and just about politics and how crazy the world has become just a basic conversation. When we were leaving...
  13. P

    With hope to meet my Mistress and Goddess from Norway

    Good afternoon! I'm completely new here, so let me a bit introduce my self. First of all would like to tell my thank You so much for the people, who created this Site! Browsed it and see that many things are very interesting and attracting to me. So good to a small part of Your Society! So my...
  14. Snowvixen_stag


  15. Tiger92

    Mixed dude here ;)

    Hey there. Are there any girls/women in Iceland who would want to chat and maybe hookup 😇 I’m 28yo mixed boy.
  16. I

    Need 20-30 bbc in midlands

    We’re after a 20-30 year old bbc in fhe midlands for a cuckhokd session.
  17. Me in Action.jpg

    Me in Action.jpg

    Me with Hotwife from B2W
  18. Ken&BarbieXxX


    Looking for bbc for blonde gf
  19. Mirror selfies

    Mirror selfies

    In Charlotte
  20. Black Chocolate Stick

    Black Chocolate Stick

    In Charlotte looking for teens