1. KhotwifeK

    New Fit for the Weekend🖤

    When you couldn’t help but buy a new wardrobe before the big weekend🤭 @Kthebtrbbc ❤️
  2. I

    Falling in love with bbc

    How many have you have ever fallen in love with your bbc and how did it end?
  3. WhiteCouple91

    Do you know what love is?

    Do you know what love is? Love is… driving your pretty wife and hotwife across town to her black bull’s apartment late at night or at night because he called. Hotwife story: Wife on the way to her bull You watch before as she gets ready for her date. How she shaves her legs, armpits and pussy...
  4. HotwifeNatalie

    Natalie ❤️ Alex = 🔒

    Hey, We're Natalie (40) and Alex (37), nice to meet you! 😘 We don't have experience yet, but we've been fantasizing about cuckolding for several years, and it's definitely our biggest turn-on. We've been married for 13+ years, and deeply love each other. We're exploring from the point of...
  5. NTB_IR_Gmblngbbc.avi


  6. NTB_IR_SUSAN.avi


  7. Wife and boyfriend bareback - last date 2

    Wife and boyfriend bareback - last date 2

    One of her last dates with her boyfriend. Husband took the photo.
  8. Wife and boyfriend bareback - last date 1

    Wife and boyfriend bareback - last date 1

    One of her last dates with her boyfriend. Husband took the photo.
  9. bigguy23

    Any other bbc want to get married to their slut?

    Sometimes the good energy and the amazing sex makes me wanna push it to another level. I’m pretty young but if I find the right one who has the physical package, and the mental package it’ll be hard to resist. Oh, and if she loves to worship my bbc? A no brainer? Right? I need some advice...
  10. J

    Instagram Influencers custom BBC Heaven

    Hey y’all, I’m here sharing a few edits I jerk to of sexy instagram or tik tok girls I find sexy and make bbc custom pics of them . If you’d like me to make some for you of your crushes lmk. I use blend. And if you want them I will be charging a donation tip . Since I must pay to remove the...
  11. Playing-with-yo-food.mp4


    If a picture was worth a thousand words...
  12. grower1.mp4


    An anal love affair between a beautiful Latina and an uncompromising big beautiful black penis....a black iron bar of erect love.
  13. KLCjpg


    Sexiest Wife Ever
  14. kumlovincouple

    New to being a HotWife

    I love my husband never in a million years would I have thought he would be into this. Its so shocking and crazy to think about the left turn my life has made. I pride myself on being faithful to him. So fucking a huge black cock right in front of him blows my mind. And I can't believe how much...
  15. HappyVDayPart3.jpeg


    Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day all! ❤️ 🍑
  16. James227

    If your wife falls in love with the bull

    Your wife fell in love with him... It used to be just sex but she had orgasm after orgasm for a long time and now she's totally dependent on her lover as emotions intervene... Whether planned or unplanned, the thought of their partner falling in love with a bull excites many married men...
  17. I LOVE YOU🥰


    the best sex in my life! with my beloved lover! thank you for twelve hours of good fucking!
  18. L

    My wife and me enjoying

  19. yabirthcontrol

    PhD in cuckolding

    I will be writing my doctoral thesis in psychology on the intricate ternary power relationship in cuckold relationships. The topic was actually accepted by a decent university and I will now literally spend my next years contacting and scientifically interviewing women and men living in such...
  20. Eye Contact Cuckold II.mp4

    Eye Contact Cuckold II.mp4

    wife enjoying