1. ohsococky90

    Game Day Erotica!!

    So we have been friends for about 5 years at this point in time and it’s been great no complaints. She’s there for me when I need advice and vice versa....but recently there has been some changes in each of our lives. She’s newly single/it’s complicated stage in her relationship. I’m on the...
  2. L

    Anyone interested in my super high quality writing?

    Hey y’all. Couple here (BM/WF) writing probably the highest quality stories out there. It’s been a passion of ours to document our adventures (and fantasies) for a LONG time - we’ve been writing for years. Themes include serious cuckolding, plenty of interracial, lots of dirty language, and...
  3. cristoferhayde

    I need more of you!

    …there you were, in my favorite tee, i could see the shape of your perfect ass giving my shirt form, your smooth legs stuck out from underneath, begin me to touch and kiss them. I just stood there and watched for a minute, biting my lips, you never knew i was there… you were perfect and...
  4. KL Davenport

    Interracial erotica

    From now until May 1, 2019 blacktowhite members can use the promotional code AJ35P to get a free copy of my first book, Echoes from a Kiss, at You can check out one of the chapters at If you enjoy...
  5. BigBlackBull76

    TRUE Freaky-Tale-4: My submissive Cum-slut brings over her GF for Desert

    Welcome to 'TRUE Freaky tales from the BigBlackBull Side'. These are some great real-life true stories of erotic interracial adventures I am re-telling from my side for your enjoyment. Many of the Tales have pictures to go along with them for your viewing pleasure. Click to read first tales...