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  1. Mr MiracleBBC

    A Black Masters Responsibility

    Black Masters have a responsibility to properly train both white submissive husbands and their wives. When I say train them I mean teach them not only how to please a black man but how to truly submit and give themselves over to you completely. We should own them every way that a person can own...
  2. obey

    Turning a slut wife bi-sexual

    Hello all and happy new year. I'm am asking the advice of all members(bull,you sexy slut wives,husbands/cuckolds) esecpially those who have had success turning a slut wife bi-sexual and the bull reaping the benefits of two sluts. She is 15 years old than me doesn't look her age and looks like...
  3. Borncuckold

    Encouraging white husbands!

    Welcome! Hopefully you are have found this sight because you are beginning to accept your deeply seeded nature to be cuckolded by your wife! Maybe not, this could be nothing more than another "porn" site. Either way you are here for a reason! You are drawn by the idea of seeing your beautiful...