husband cuckold

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    Cuckold evening, Esther riding the Black Bull
  3. W

    New here Hello

    Pansexual husband exploring myself. Big turn on for me, id love to share my wife when she’s ready for it. Shared past exs before her too. mostly on here looking to make friends, share, chat and fun with people who understand. Always down to chat and play just say hello!
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  5. My Wife's QoS Earings .jpg

    My Wife's QoS Earings .jpg

    My Loving Wife's New QoS Earrings to Wear with Her New QoS Necklace
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    Curvy redheaded wife fucks bbc and her husband
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    My wife, never had BBC before
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  9. Wanabecuck1985

    Rating our husbands dick

    Hi, We’re both from Spain and chatting to my wife we have come out with a fun idea… Let’s upload our husbands/ cucks dick pics so the ladies can rate or humiliate us. And they can see the need for BBC. I’ll go first…
  10. S

    How far does an experienced Bull take cuck training?

    My wife and I have been involved in cuckolding for nearly 15 years. We started as vanilla swingers. Over the time we have experienced many different kinks and styles. We landed on the Dom Black Bull kink as our fav spot and have been there for the last 5 years. Mostly because my wife seems to...
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    Servicing this Hotwife, so she can get her BBC fix
  12. This sums up cuckholding

    This sums up cuckholding

    It’s why the wife’s can’t go back.
  13. Looking for a cuckold husband

    Looking for a cuckold husband

    I'm only looking for a serious relationship with a future husband, a generous and wealthy cuckold! 26/175/55 with experience of different topics and formats. I love Gangnang, SexWife, BBC, strapon. Myself from Minsk, but here it is so boring in terms of sex - I am ready to move to Europe, USA, Asia.
  14. Mr MiracleBBC

    A Black Masters Responsibility

    Black Masters have a responsibility to properly train both white submissive husbands and their wives. When I say train them I mean teach them not only how to please a black man but how to truly submit and give themselves over to you completely. We should own them every way that a person can own...
  15. obey

    Turning a slut wife bi-sexual

    Hello all and happy new year. I'm am asking the advice of all members(bull,you sexy slut wives,husbands/cuckolds) esecpially those who have had success turning a slut wife bi-sexual and the bull reaping the benefits of two sluts. She is 15 years old than me doesn't look her age and looks like...
  16. Borncuckold

    Encouraging white husbands!

    Welcome! Hopefully you are have found this sight because you are beginning to accept your deeply seeded nature to be cuckolded by your wife! Maybe not, this could be nothing more than another "porn" site. Either way you are here for a reason! You are drawn by the idea of seeing your beautiful...