Encouraging white husbands!

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    Welcome! Hopefully you are have found this sight because you are beginning to accept your deeply seeded nature to be cuckolded by your wife! Maybe not, this could be nothing more than another "porn" site. Either way you are here for a reason! You are drawn by the idea of seeing your beautiful white wife enjoy the unforgettable experience of being filled by a BIG BLACK COCK! I know this because I am just like you! I am white, I was born in the south (USA) and I have a small penis (3.8 inches when erect). My wife and I have been married for 22 years as of 2016. We are happy, close and loving. But...we both struggled in our marriage to find "sexual fulfillment." After 10 years of this struggle we mutually accepted both my need to be cuckolded as well as her longing for big cock. Over the years we have both come to understand that cuckolding is natural, it is prevalent in nature. And that, couples who accept the roles of cuckolding as natural will find embracing these roles to not only feel "natural" but they will also come to understand that this is natures "superior form" of "coupling!!!!!" Go ahead and feel free to ignore the occasional white wife who talks about how she and her husband still enjoy "great sex." I say this only as a service for younger white males who are just beginning to accept their natural urge to be cuckold. They come to website like this hoping to find acceptance and understanding that help them both explain and come to terms with their natural desires to be cuckolded. Sadly they find confusing statements! Rest assured your feelings are natural. Statements like "my husband and I have great sex...blah, blah, blah." Are really nothing more than wives attempting to adjust their husbands. You will at times come across this nonsense! Even on a website like this one. Ignore it! Neither this website or the hundreds of other interracial cuckold websites, clubs and encounters would be here if not for one thing....it is natural for both men and women to seek out sexual encounters with sexually superior males! I am not online often, however, I am willing to asset both bulls and couples. Peace, Natural born Cuckold
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    has become and is becoming even more commonplace as the young white women want black cock . Many young white men are on board with this but it is not yet universal so we still have many young wives not yet living this lifestyle . But that is changing as more and more young white women submit to black cock .
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    I believe, and so does hubby, that my sexual needs far exceed his ability to perform, and he actually thrives on being a cuckold. Years ago, even before going black, we were out to lunch with an old friend with whom I had bi-sex in high school. I made a comment that I could have sex with anyone I wanted. Her hub looked at mine with surprise, and mine said that because he loves me so much and that my sexual needs exceed his, that he fully supports my sexual desires. We did not know at the time that we were in a cuckold marriage; the term was not prevalent back then. Once cuckolding became more "known" we realized...that is how we were living. By the way I went home with that couple and we quickly got her hubby off and went to bed rekindling the lovers we were in high school. Fast forward to 12 years ago when I went black brought cuckolding to a very different place but again both hubby and I are very happy in the sexual service to black men.
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    What I love to hear or read on this site is mainly white women talking about how much they prefer black cock, or better still, how they NEVER have sex with white men any more, especially if they are married to a white man and have now cut him off from any pussy. I love to have my inferiority confirmed in this way.

    I would love to read many more comments and stories form white women who have cut their husbands off totally, and white husbands who happily accept this as natural and right for them. I would love to read about white married women who have long-term black lovers who have totally replaced their wimpy white husbands for sex. It just feels so RIGHT!