1. travelingcucko

    How long did it take your wife to ******* with another man

    So long story short, wife and I have been discussing it for a few years but it feels like we never realllly had great opportunities! We capitalised on the few we had but she never went all the way. We (dirty) talked about finding a guy on tinder, B2W, or going to a swingers club but to be...
  2. HSXC1996

    Does anyone know who made this "Institute" video series? They are really masterpieces.

    Here's the link. Institute of Human Breeding - Archive 1 - Introduction to Interracial Sex Institute of Human Breeding - Archive 2 - Interracial Pregnancy...
  3. How to get your wife/gf blacked

    How to get your wife/gf blacked

    A little tutorial for those not sure how to convert their wifes to BBC
  4. footfetish

    Hi there form Amsterdam

    Young sportive 20's guy from The Netherlands. I had a good looking white girlfriend who attracted the attention of lot's of guys, especially black men. At the beginning it was really frustrating, but in a while I realized I had to deal with it. This jealousy became interest, I went...
  5. Got2

    The Black Bull-A field guide in dealing with Couples

    Recently, BigBlackBull 76 created a thread aimed at couples, especially Cucks, to help them understand and get involved with Interracial Cuckolding.