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    Young sportive 20's guy from The Netherlands.

    I had a good looking white girlfriend who attracted the attention of lot's of guys, especially black men.

    At the beginning it was really frustrating, but in a while I realized I had to deal with it. This jealousy became interest,

    I went searching on the internet and discovered that my new fantasy was called "cuckolding".

    I also made an interracial cuckolding guide video:
    Part 1: http://youcuck.com/videos/guide-how-to-get-your-wife-blacked-part-1-of-3/
    Part 2: http://youcuck.com/videos/guide-how-to-get-your-wife-blacked-part-2-of-3/
    Part 3: http://youcuck.com/videos/guide-how-to-get-your-wife-blacked-part-3-of-3/
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