1. Z

    New and looking for white chocolate

    Hi All. I'm new. 24 . Londoner and African. I'm interested in a live in cuckold relationship, FLR or slave/mistress relationship in London. Preferably live in. I'm only attracted to white men. Open minded with age.
  2. C

    Looking for new mistress

    Hi 47 year old white male needs lady to service. I am very skilled in cunillingus, pussy worship, i have fetishes for skirts panties being a cuckold jerking off eating my cum eating creampie that my mistress brings me. Cleaning the contents of her used condoms I will willingly submit to whatever...
  3. CuckynDFW2

    Wannabe cuck in Dallas with live-in 24/7 exp

    I am a 36 year old white submissive wannabe cuckold in the Dallas area. I have been submissive towards Women for 12 years. The last two years I was a live-in 24/7 cuckold. Well in my case once a cuckold always a cuckold. I sincerely am seeking a GF and hopefully, if we connect, a future Wife...
  4. devNino96

    Suche Beziehung zu einer dominanten Frau

    Ich bin Nino (20) und bin sehr devot. Ich bin aus NRW Oberhausen und suche eine junge domiante Frau aus meinem Umkreis, welche an einer realen Fetish-Beziehung Interesse hat. Ich suche eine langfristige und richtige Beziehung, mit dem Akzept dass sie die Herrin und ich ihr Sklave (später gerne...