first cuck

  1. X

    First cuckold time

    Hi i have always been interested on seeing my wife being fucked by another guy but shes like only interested in threesomes and thats all, how can i convince her that make me a cuckold? Please help she haves a lovely sexy ass that i want to see fucked by one or more guys
  2. C

    Looking for Bay Area (NorCal) BBC - Start with KIK

    Hello, We are a couple in our 20s (She is early 20s and I'm late 20s) and would like to find a strong, sexy black man who wants to chat over KIK or some other messenger to get her (and I) used to stepping outside of the relationship. Not planning anything physical for a few months, but if...
  3. tropicalpete

    going for 1st cuckold..

    Me and my wife agreed to start to realise our cuckold fantasy. I must say im very excited but yet a bit timid. We ot in touch with a bbc stallion who will play with my wife. Received some rules 1) i must look at her at all times 2)im not allowed to speak 3)my cock is being held in chastity. Any...