first cuck

  1. Futrecuckboy

    Advice for beginner

    So My girl is very open to cuckolding me, and making me watch a stranger/s fuck her while i watch But She seems to lean towards white guys, which is hot but I’d prefer black guys, any advice ir tips on how to convince her bbc is better option. Maybe some porn I can show her? Or some articles online?
  2. W

    Latina’s first time with black bull, cuckold?

    Wow, where do I start? This true story was around the time we had several BBC but no true bull. I am not one to be humiliated, I just liked to watch, video, pics and encourage. Not a cuck....or so I thought, We had several resources but this one was Craigslist. He posted “black bull, well...
  3. R

    My Wife Fullfills My Ultimate Fantasy

    So I’ll start with a little background. My wife are both pretty young and new to the lifestyle. I’ve had a cuckold fetish for a couple years now. I just told my wife about it last December. She was definitely shocked, but didn’t shoot me down. Over the next couple months we roleplayed and...
  4. HollyWorny

    For Couples: Couples, do you ever have a panic of meeting a bull for discretion purposes? Is this a hold back factor?

    Hi Couples, We have a major hold back to the Mrs finally getting Blacked! And that is the fear of a bull we meet in London, finding or knowing someone we know. Do you guys have this fear too and how do you deal with it?
  5. H


  6. X

    First cuckold time

  7. C

    Looking for Bay Area (NorCal) BBC - Start with KIK

    Hello, We are a couple in our 20s (She is early 20s and I'm late 20s) and would like to find a strong, sexy black man who wants to chat over KIK or some other messenger to get her (and I) used to stepping outside of the relationship. Not planning anything physical for a few months, but if...
  8. tropicalpete

    going for 1st cuckold..

    Me and my wife agreed to start to realise our cuckold fantasy. I must say im very excited but yet a bit timid. We ot in touch with a bbc stallion who will play with my wife. Received some rules 1) i must look at her at all times 2)im not allowed to speak 3)my cock is being held in chastity. Any...