1. T

    Encouraging My Wife to Open Up About Her Fantasies: Tips?

    hi all! I've got a bit of a situation here that I'd love some input on. I fell that my wife is open to trying new things in the bedroom, such as mfm, but there's a noticeable hesitation in expressing this desire. I believe it's because she's afraid of hurting my feelings or going against...
  2. Locked!


    So deep. So intense❤️‍🔥
  3. notblackedyet

    Female's Perspective - More than You Let On?

    Does your husband or boyfriend really understand the extent, and how much black cock turns you on? Are you becoming a qos without him even realizing what that really means, and how deep that feeling has become? Have your thoughts, and fantasies been progressing? and Even though this...
  4. full moon.jpg

    full moon.jpg

    she whispers in my ear that she is wet from the thought, the thought that haunts and hangs in the mind, the thought that won't settle until it becomes a true perfect wife, my perfect life
  5. B

    Unfortunately BWC is better than BBC

    Thank u all :)
  6. Pillowispa

    Introduction to first black "friend"

    I've a few weeks off before getting back to studying and, as seems to happen each year, my desire to experience attraction to and from a black man of my dreams (to the point where we get physical about it) grows like water in a tank that's being filled to the point of brimming over. My question...
  7. Destructorbull

    Arab hot pussies On the altar of black mamba

  8. I

    Masked Women

    There always something sensual, mysterious and exotic about a woman wearing a mask or a blindfold. No matter how many times you had sex with her, the moment she put a mask on, is something extra; new sexuality fills the air and you are about to embark on a new sexual dimension.
  9. N

    Any Site for Men Who Want Black Dick in Them?

    This site is amazing Nothing makes me happier than knowing so many women submit to black men. Or seeing so many black men know how gorgeous they are. And especially seeing black men and women of all colors put the rest of us men in our place. But is there a website for us guys looking to submit...