1. Degradee


    Am I still a gentleman if she asked me to degrade her?
  2. Humiliating my cuck boyfriend and playing with his cage with my feet after getting creampied

    Humiliating my cuck boyfriend and playing with his cage with my feet after getting creampied

    Full video you-know-where 💕
  3. hotwifenovata

    Dealing with humiliation and degradation

    During my hotwife life experience, I have meet several guys … some of them are polite and others just use me like a whore… I was talking about this with my husband and he told me he enjoy so much when I’m denigrated and humiliated … I want to please him and I want to push my limits as well …...
  4. Latina gagged on her panties

    Latina gagged on her panties

    Fucked her hard from the back after gagging her with her thong
  5. G

    Please degrade and humiliate my girl

  6. Front full.jpg

    Front full.jpg

    A full body frontal picture of my body done with some trimming before taken. Abuse my old white body!
  7. kingbreed77

    wives who enjoy degrading their cuck

    ive always enjoy hot wives who only fuck black cock - nothing turns me on more than a wife with a caged or cuck hubby who she does not have sex with - I CRAVE the naughty wife who only enjoyS being used black cock ONLY while she degrades her cuck what turns me on is how much me and the...
  8. E0524784-7ADB-4EA6-8D49-8DAFE617A633.jpeg


    South Florida White Cow Tits For Milking
  9. S

    20 Jähriger Wannabe Cuck sucht

    Hallo, ich bin 20 jahre jung und seit etwa 2 jahren in die fetische cuckolding/humiliation/sissy verliebt. Meine freundin ist 19 und ein wahrer traum. Sie weiss bisher noch nicht viel. Daher suche ich nun einen Bull der sich vor allem im bereich demütigung auskennt, gut bestückt ist und snapchat...
  10. sophiem

    My Interracial Journey (Chapter 4)

    Chapter 4: The Way It Goes “That’s just the way it goes,” Joselyn told me with a laugh. We were sitting at a patio table at a coffee shop near the spa where she worked. After that crazy night at Lincoln’s, she had taken me home the next morning. We had both been awake before the guys, and it...
  11. DSC00914.jpg


    What's a girl to do when a strong man holds her arms as he fucks her, and another pushes her head down to swallow his big fat cock?
  12. C


    Hey Black Men, do you enjoy degrading white girls or women and what does that mean to you? :)
  13. corrinecez

    What is female friendly porn? Just my own thinking...

    When I first started watching porn, I found a variety of titles. Titles that girlfriends told me were ‘good’ appealed to the normal me. Intellectual, sensitive, delicate. They tended to be well made by people who cared. There was intimacy and sensualness and often good music and conversation...
  14. FreddieZZZ

    Racquel Darrian fan fiction (7pages)

    Looking to receive feedback on story involving my favorite pornstar, Racquel Darrian. Comments very welcome. There is also a poll at the end. You may chose 3. Thank you! Title: Racquel Darrian in Black History Month The set-up: In an alternate timeline, 90’s Penthouse Pet and pornstar...