1. B

    Cuck Wannabe in Sudbury Ontario

    My wife does not know this side of me, it is a deep secret I have as she isn't even interested in this lifestyle. I don't know whether because of my very average size, or fascination with hot wife bbc porn, but I think I need to take this step further outside of my marriage and be a cuckold to...
  2. CuckoldCouple

    Men, do you do this?

    I recently read a tale on a "married men's confessions" site about a husband who had an overwhelming fantasy to be cuckolded by his wife. He knew, however, that she would never participate in the real thing and he also knew he couldn't tell her about his fantasy. He then began pretending while...
  3. L

    Handsome los angeles cuckold wannabe

    Hello, I'm 30 years old and I live in west los angeles. I'm a handsome man, I workout regularly, and I have a pretty nice job. I'd like to meet a woman who is interested in a hotwife/cuckold relationship. Ideally we would both be trained together, as a unit, by a black master. He will have...