1. MichiOs

    What would you do to me if you had me one night to yourself?

    I just met you at the club, I'm ******* and horny. I told my boyfriend that I wouldn't be home tonight but I would record everything for him. You take me to your place, what would you do to me? 😈
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  3. O

    First time was a big success

    Hi everyone just wanted to update you all on our first meetup. We went to a club on New Year’s Eve and it was very full and lively. At first she just danced and rubbed her ass on black men. After an hour of dancing and drinking we meet a very nice guy that we explained our situation to and...
  4. ayamaharider

    Anniversary Adventure

    My wife and I were celebrating our 10th anniversary in Miami some time ago. Before i start with the story let me describe our relationship. We have been together for some time now, and we have 3 lovely *******. The time we chose to celebrate we had all three ******* and Jessica was back to her old...
  5. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    White husband takes his wife out to an all black club/bar

    I got home late, as usual. I was putting in extra time at work to make sure I kept my job. Still, I had told my wife Candy that tonight was going to be different, and it wasn't. I pulled into the driveway about 8:30, and the house was quiet and dark. There was a note taped to the front door...
  6. K

    Craving my P.A.W.G please

    Professional, grown man, Private, with no drama, no STDs, single Caramel chocolate candy guy in my 4th chapter in GA/SC area. Seeking my PAWG friend with benefits and more. Let's fulfill some fantasies together, attend some lifestyle events and see your pretty face and thick fanny on the...
  7. curiouscpl85

    Clubbing Tips for Newbie Couple

    Hi, We are newly exploring the fantasy of hotwife experience. Couples and ladies - any tips of what to wear, what other subtle signs/vibe to give off to attract BBC? Bulls - any tips on these points? Wife is shy when it comes to having conversations with strangers, but is physically expressive...
  8. beaverboy

    Cuckold club in real life - brainstorming ideas

    The Cuckold Club project -The idea is to create a safe and private club/community/group for cuckold couples. (Similar to a swinger clubs or anything of that sort, created for serving a good purpose to a group of people). it should be real thing formed by cuckold couples and bulls. This is not...
  9. C

    Rate her out of 10...

    Straight from work to the bar, this businesswoman surprised this younger stud at the bar. Comment your thoughts below...
  10. parking lot bj

    parking lot bj

    Is there a girl that hasn't done this to a black man after a night out at the club?
  11. C

    Blonde or Brunette? And why...

    ATTENTION!!! Watch video..
  12. C

    Watch interracial grinding video - comment below!!!

    Watch and leave your comments below. Was she hot? Who was lucky?
  13. X


    Привет всем темнокожным парням и девушкам!) Если вы ходите в клубы в Москве, то в какие обычно ходите? Неважно ходите или нет, вдруг вы знаете какие клубы, в которых много темнокожных людей? Мы хотели бы познакомиться там. После карантина мы пойдем.)
  14. Skrt215

    Choice Social Club Providence

    Long time lurker, first time poster. After 10 years of role play and talking, my wife has finally agreed to be shared -- and is very excited about it! Part of what got her into doing this for real was my belated realization that I needed to present it to her in a way that made her feel safe and...
  15. trewq765

    stranger in a club? anyone else have experience?

    i took a stranger in a club one time and had the whole place watching as he pounded me. i was so turned on taking this 28 yo stud with a horse cock and big balls slamming me. it was his thickness rather than length that was feeling so good. i had never been stretched like that. I loved the...
  16. gqblackgent416

    Bar Night Tonight- Mississauga/ Toronto!!! CANADA

  17. at the club

    at the club

  18. S

    favorite flic I just found my favorite flic. Agree?
  19. JRob77

    Atlanta BBC looking for a +1 for the swingers club this weekend.

    Heading to the Trapeze this weekend and would love to find some company.
  20. M

    Best bars/clubs in Denver

    We're a married couple living in the southern suburbs of Denver. Been together for 15 years, she's only 38 so we married young. We love to party and have a good time but it's hard down where we're located. We typically go downtown every couple of weeks but don't know the best places to go...