1. dlugienogi9183

    [True story] Chat while she was hanging out with friends

    I continue to tell you about our journey towards the realization of our fantasies. After the first time she told me about an erotic dream she had with another man (, after starting to use sex toys and...
  2. amiens88

    Long trip ahead

    Hello , i will be travelling to Morocco in January , 10 days of stay overthere , from there i will head to a city called Ceuta close to the northern Borders in Morocco , from ceuta i will be moving to Malaga and from there to Barcelona …. So any interested woman or couple , can hit me up . Cheers 🥂
  3. R

    I Want to be your online cuck

    Hello :) I really like to worship females that cuck me over the chat. I can be your obedient online cucky. Or can be your cuck in an rp. I am sure that I can be the cuckold you want. So please feel free to message me and let's have some fun. I am open minded so ask if you want to know anything :)
  4. R

    Fun time chating

    Hi there :) I am 25 years old, single, cuck curious guy that wants to hear your naughty adventures and chat with you about them. Maybe I can give you some ideas as well for future adventures. I am sure we can have a fun time chating. So message me bulls and hotwifes :)
  5. E

    Chat with bulls about my wife

    Hello, any bbc bulls wanting to tell me on telegram what they would do to my wife? PM me if interested
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  7. T

    Let’s share some stories!

    I’m laying in bed scrolling through pics and reading all these hot experiences. It turns me on to know how many people are into this lifestyle. I want to chat with anyone that wants to exchange stories with me! I’ve got some good ones…
  8. MidwestMystery

    Chatting without meeting

    I'm curious how fellow BBC feel about women who want to chat but not meet. Do you chat with women and/or couples that only want online only? I personally love to chat, but must have the opportunity to possibly meet one day. Women/couples .... what keeps you from wanting to actually meet in person?
  9. L

    Online friendship

    I'm thirty-two and I've fantasized about in being a cuckhold to BBC since I was eighteen. Lately I've been accepting very well this fantasy that is already part of my sexuality but I often feel lonely. I need to talk to someone about this. I live in Spain but I'm looking for women anywhere in...
  10. T

    Bbc looking to chat and share stories

    Laying in bed sharing sexual stories with women and couples is one of my new favorite things. It’s cool to hear all the different stories people have. Message me if you’d like to share statues with me!
  11. C

    Chat de Cornudos / Sexo Casadas

    Chat de Cornudos / Sexo Casadas: Chatear con nick aleatorio 👇🏻 Chatear eligiendo un apodo 👇🏻 (Si eliges esta opción no pongas contraseña ni marques la casilla de...
  12. S

    My very sub wife wanting to please let us know

  13. T

    Anybody up

    Let’s chat
  14. T

    Looking for a sexting lover

    Nothing turns me on more than talking to a white woman about how much she loves bbc. I’m 30, easy going, and love some late night chatting. All ages and body types welcome. Let’s sext!
  15. S

    looking for black friends to chat with

    Hi, as the title states, I am looking for black friends to chat with. I mostly use kik, and I am a bi white guy. I often fantasies about interracial cuckolding, and I'd like to chat about that with black guys. I know it couldn't look like something very special, but I am a cool guy and I'm not...
  16. Bruce Bus

    Looking for a chat

    Hello all! Sometime ago i opened that my lovely gf is curious to watch Black muscled guys in some movies. I dont want to hurry her, but i also like to watch interracial porn, so if any bulls or couples want to chat with me, please pm me. And yes, i also want to chat about this theme with qos
  17. sexymilfhunta

    WHO LOOKING TO (KIK) IT?? LETS CHAT!!! username:canesm8

    Let’s chat and have some fun
  18. Erector1426

    Any real cucks with real wives want to get bullied by me 😈

    Just dm me here and we’ll talk about it....
  19. C

    Chat de Infieles (Cornudos, Casadas, Parejas...)

    Chat de Infieles (Cornudos, Casadas, Parejas...) ↓↓↓
  20. C

    Hey there. I came for the BBC.

    I'm new here. I'm 28, white, male and identify as straight. Thought this would be a good opportunity to meet some people, make some friends, and, most importantly, explore my interest in serving black cock. They're big and beautiful and slippery when wet. I'm in central florida or orlando area...