1. H

    Guess her age and race !

  2. GDmeetsBLACK

    Bulls age?

    It's interesting to read here but still not sure which age the bulls are. Maybe you bulls and hotwife say the age of your bull.
  3. J

    What age would couple prefer their bulls to be?

    I'm 19 and a student but was wondering if this lifestyle required you to be older. Is that some times the preferred thinking that bulls need to be like 25+. Just want to know your experience on the age of it matters or not
  4. maliq34

    I need to know.

    This has always made me curious, does it matter what age a bull is? Is there an age preference for white women who want bbc? Is there a difference in the experience with a younger bull compared to an older one? To my brothers do you prefer to fuck a young ripe white woman and teach or do you...