I need to know.

What age do your prefer your Bull, Bbc, or black lover?

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This has always made me curious, does it matter what age a bull is? Is there an age preference for white women who want bbc? Is there a difference in the experience with a younger bull compared to an older one? To my brothers do you prefer to fuck a young ripe white woman and teach or do you prefer the reliablity of the obedient cougar. Personally I love them both. Let me know in the polls above and in the forum below.


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Not too worried about age, but in my experience the older guys are more respectful and nice, but I do love a cheeky young guy too!
As long as any guy remembers that this is sexy fun for all involved and don't say anything hurtful to all the people then alls good.
An experienced black guy who is used to this scene can quickly weigh me up and my hubby and talk accordingly to our situation ie we are a friendly couple, after a bit of fun. X