1. Destructorbull

    The mature married woman♠️ and the delight of hot African nectar🍯🍆.

    Her husband says that this young man is a student from Sudan. He met him in a cafe in Istanbul after getting to know each other on Telegram and sending a picture of his penis, which made her long for a first meeting. When she sat next to him in the café, she deliberately touched his penis and...
  2. Late night, hard cock

    Late night, hard cock

  3. photo_2024-04-17_21-26-53 (2).jpg

    photo_2024-04-17_21-26-53 (2).jpg

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  4. photo_2024-04-17_21-26-53.jpg


    my friend Fally, pure african stallion XX, fucking a mature wife
  5. Mandingo256

    Breeding tour across Europe, USA and Middle East

    Hey ladies; I’m a Straight Alpha African Black Stallion often traveling across Europe, United States and Middle East for business. I’m interested in real meetings with classy, horny and slutty ladies who want to get pinned down and blacked really hard! Confirm if you’re available for a real...
  6. Hotwife Birthday surprise.mp4

    Hotwife Birthday surprise.mp4

    She lost her BBC virginity that night. I accepted the invitation and joined them to their hotel. I understood that it was a fantasm for her but she never dare. I did my best to give her one of the best fuck in her entire life 🍆
  7. DSC5677.jpg


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  8. Blackheat

    Black cock

    What you think?🤔🍆
  9. YouCut_20231009_164809195.mp4


    20 yrs old African Dom bull here for you. Take me with you
  10. Goodlookincpl

    Montreal good looking couple searching for African sexfriends

    Hi the title say it all we’re looking for fwb African men living in Montreal Canada. We don’t know if this website is good for meet-ups if it’s not please let us know an app or website for searching what we’re looking for :) We have some 3some experience and wife has a serious kink for the...
  11. Blackheat

    White girl

    White girl sucking?😏🍆
  12. IMG_3256.jpeg


    I love a good and deep seeding from an African man 🖤🖤🖤

    Caution. High Pressure.
  14. T

    African Bull Orlando

    Angolan 32yo bull moved recently to Orlando FL Looking forward to meet new people and share experiencies. Dms are always welcome
  15. Akiko

    Yasuke the black samurai

    I think most of you will never have heard of him and thats a shame so I decided to make a thread for him - the legendary black swordsman of japan yasuke ! Its nor really clear were yasuke was born most historians think it was mozambique other sources say it was sudan but he came to japan in...
  16. A

    Half Afrian Half Lation Bull

    I'm Adão a 26yo BBC living in Rio de Janeiro. Feel free to dm me, I'm here to meet new people from all around the world.
  17. WhatsApp Video 2023 AM (1).mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2023 AM (1).mp4

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  18. WhatsApp Video 2023.mp4

    WhatsApp Video 2023.mp4

  19. I

    African BBC

    Hello everyone I'm a 6'2'' 27yo BBC looking to meet new people.
  20. VID-20230601-WA0121.mp4


    Black Daddy: Looking for the love of my life, a lady I can call my own, with beautiful feelings and a good heart. Distance is no barrier. Interested, hit me up💋❤️