You were out of town a few days...

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    ccccccc.jpg ...and asked your best friend to 'look in on' your wife.
  2. Charming

    Charming Member are so disappointed in him cccc.jpg ...and her..
  3. Charming

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    Thought you could trust him... cc.jpg
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    How could I know...they were attracted to each other? ccccc.jpg
  5. Charming

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    c.jpg I mean how?
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    I love when you guys post my slut here, hit us on YIM for all of her dirty pics!!!;) IMG_2828.JPG
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    The first picture of a witch.
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    pc cpl add me yah bigiretwo love to chat
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    It is amazing how Black men can get a Gal's nipples hard ... just walking in the room. Touching her, kissing her ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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    You can't trust her or him anymore........ ccccccc.jpg
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