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A while back my wife said she had come up with a new game she wanted to play. The game involved one of her black lovers that she is particularly fond of. I asked just what this game entailed and she told me it would be a race to her pussy. It sounded intriguing so I asked her to explain. She said actually the loser of the race would be the winner. I was confused but it really is quite simple.

Game night we invited her lover over to our house where she explained the game. She would use her considerable oral talents to see which of us would cum first. The one who lasted the longest got to bury his throbbing cock into her pussy to finish the job. We both agreed. What did we have to lose?

She began slowly stroking our cocks and we were soon hard and enjoying her attention. I'm sure she was hoping I would lose since her black friend had a cock that made mine look quite inadequate. Soon she was sucking our dicks and licking our balls. We were both loving every moment but were trying to hold back so we could win the prize. I didn't want to be sitting by with a limp dick while this black stud fucked my wife and I'm sure he felt the same way.

I was doing well at holding back but then she began to spice things up with some dirty talk which I felt was going to tip things in his favor as he had little or no emotional involvement in this game. She began saying how big his black cock was and how good it would feel inside her pussy. She also asked me if I wanted to watch her get fucked by such a big cock. She knew this would add fuel to the fire and I felt myself begin to loose control. She jerked my cock and licked at the head of it while looking up at me asking if I was going to cum. Meanwhile she was barely working her lover's cock. I realized the game was fixed so I figured I might as well enjoy myself as best I could and shot my load all over her breasts. It was an incredible orgasm fired by the sight of my wife's hand wrapped around such a big black cock and knowing it would soon be deep inside her tight little snatch.

Spent, I was forced to admit her black man had more stamina than I did although I knew she had worked me unfairly. The stud was more than ready to claim his award. His cock was huge and throbbing and he pushed my wife's legs apart and slid deep inside. I sat beside them on the bed and stroked myself while watching them fuck. She screamed in pleasure as he pounded her with his massive tool and the sight soon made me hard again.

After he had filled her with his huge load and had left I begged my wife to allow me to fuck her. I guess she took pity on me and said okay. Her pussy was slick and stretched but it still felt good and soon I added my seed to his. I'm sure we'll play this game again!