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wife needs a bbc

We are a non-smoking disease and drug free couple. Condoms are a must and we appreciate cocktails. First off we are a sane married couple of seven years. We have a family so discretion is needed and appreciated. Sexy is intellectual and set by the mood and setting, so that is what we are trying to achieve. I am 41, 6'5", blond 205 lbs and STRAIGHT. I know there will be contact, I am cool with that. I have no bi tendencies, just a realist. I want this experience to be all about my wife. She is 36, brunette, 120 lbs, brown eyes, and a 32b. She is attractive and her attitude is very sexy.
We live in Hamilton County. First off some background on us. My wife and I enjoy porn together. A group scene had a woman riding a man reverse cowgirl with a cock in each hand. My wife commented how that looked fun. I think she was a bit shocked when I agreed. My fantasy is to give her a mfm threeway. She has since commented more often when having sex. We will place a vibrator in her vagina when I am in her ass to simulate a dp or vice versa. Her reply afterwards is exhaustion and I quote, "that feels so fucking good". . She always comments for me to be sure and pick a good man. On our last trip out of town I teased her about having a man ready but she was ill after the flight. I told her I didn't really have one ready and her reply was casual. So I think if I did have one ready and you could her approach her at a lounge such as Plat 99 we would have a great evening. You may think this is too much info, but we need to build a chemistry and try to figure each other out. I am 99% sure she will not let you have anal with her. Everything else is game I believe. I asked her, "Could you handle another man cumming on you face with me?" and her reply was, "sure why not", she replied, "I can handle it, can you?' If he has dp'd me why not let him. So my goal in this is to make it the utmost sensual erotic night of sex. We love lingerie. Garter belts, stockings, heels, etc. I want it to last a long time, yet another reason for a mfm. We can switch off on her. Stimulate her in other ways, you name it. So that is where I am coming from. What's your history? We do not have any group or 3some experience. I picked the Alexander Hotel because that lounge is perfect for a prelude to an evening of sex. We calmly take the elevator up to our room and go from there. Where she has stated us undressing her and then dressing her in lingerie would be a perfect beginning. Feel free to ask me anything or tell me what you have in mind. She loves tall men, especially with strong hands. It makes her feels extra small. So I bought her a blindfold for Valentines Day and told her it was for or 3way, she seemed very excited. So when you introduce yourself, if we click, I thought your opening line could be, Hi my names is "your name" your husband thought this would be a good ice breaker and you hand her the blindfold. Well let me know what you think. Ps she loves blacked.com and often fantasizes about a big black cock.


Real Person
39 well endowed black men have 9 inches long and 6 inches thick. I will have to get with the wife and have some fun here some pictures and I hope you like what you see. I'm 5 foot 7 160 pounds drug drama and disease-free, so if you'd like to know more leave me a message I feel free kik me @ ITTCNS