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Who initiated?

Did the wife or hubby first bring up the fantasy, or was this discovered another way (he walked in on you getting plowed)?
I'm truly "guilty!" The first time I bought it up Pam she went absolutely nuts!

We had been married about 6 - 8 months when one night we were heavy into it! A long time fantasy of mine was to see a white pussy get pounded by a BBC. That night my question to my still new bride was simple, "Do you think you could ever handle a well hung black guy?"

Well for the next three nights the spare bedroom was definately more comfortable than the chesterfield, however it didn't warm up the Artic Air that permeated our home for the next week or so! I learned my lesson well. It would be another year before I dare go again where angels fear to tread! With a persistent and cautious approach, Pam finally came around and shared my little fantasy! I never ever thought that my fantasy would ever be something that I'd witness one day! Lesser still, when my fantasy did turn into a reality, that the white pussy I would be witnessing getting pounded by a BBC would belong to none other than my loving wife! Wow! Did I mention that the black guy who would have the pleasure of fucking Pam, and introducing her to BBC, was an old university friend and roommate of mine?

Incredible coincidences!
My wife is friends with my ex, who got into BBC after we split. My ex told her how she loves it, and how my wife is missing out etc...

My wife and I were fooling around on the couch and she brought it up. She admitted she was curious, and I told her if she wanted to try it, she should go for it. She opened an account on a swingers site, and that Friday night, I was officially a cuckold, and we have loved it ever sense.

So I guess I would say my wife initiated it.