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    This is one of several true stories of a black school teacher fucking several white and Latin teachers in Miami. She had only been to the school for a year before I put the move on her. One of the toughest to break thru. One rainy morning she ran into my classroom for cover since it is the closest to the parking lot. I could see her nipples poking out from the white blouse, I asked her do you want a change of shirt, she said no , I said I can see your sweet large nipples an they have me hard. My comment shocked her. Moving forward she let me feel on her tits as I placed her hand on my erect cock, from that point I knew I had her. I reached under her bra and pulled out one of her small pale white tits with the most hard and large pink nipples I had ever seen. She had undone my zipper an was jacking me off as I sucked gently on her nipples until she said fuck me. She said I do not know if I will be able to take your fat cock. I surfed her that she could as we both pulled down our pants. I rubbed my fat black cock up an down her tight wet pussy as she shivered and shakes . I drove my cock slowly into her very tight wet pussy but was unable to go as my black dick bend back, I pushed harder and entered her tight pink hole as I watched her pink pussy lips suck in all of my black dick as the color contrast turned me on more. I fucked her with long slow strokes as she begin to cum over my black cock watching her white juice cover my black dick. I could no longer hold back as I pulled out and came along her azz and pussy. We cleaned up an I am planning on doing her until one of us get tired.
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    Wish I had bee there to lick you both clean.