While watching, your little white dick should be

While watching, your little white dick should be

  • In your hand, jerking off

    Votes: 86 43.4%
  • Restrained in a pair of panties

    Votes: 28 14.1%
  • Locked in a chastity cage

    Votes: 84 42.4%

  • Total voters
As tempting as the other two options are, the one that at first glance seems least humiliating may be the most. If you are sitting there getting aroused by your wife being fucked by your lover and they see you beating off, you are also admitting to them that you desire for them to have sex and are enjoying the sight of another man entering your wife. The secret masochistic, homosexual, submissive etc. feelings that you might not want to say out loud are right there on display to see. If you are locked in a chastity cage, you can at least claim that you are desperate for relief or that you did not feel aroused by the situation.